UPDATE: Thelonious II Completes Hawaii Cruise, 2021.


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The location of the day 9 (August 17) marker should be ignored. If you look at the notes for day 9, the position information was taken the day before at 12:50 pm, only an hour later than the day 8 position information.

Mike Brockman

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Christian is getting close to the West Coast and getting AM radio stations. From his reports.

A glass of Chianti with luncheon perhaps, it is recommended spam and pickles. On LA time now, set ship's clock ahead last night.
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Roughly 475 straight-line miles from Tuesday's position to the slip.

If I've done my math correctly, about ~140 miles made good between the Monday and Tuesday positions.

extrapolating....that means arrival maybe sometime Friday afternoon?

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^^^ okay, so the math was correct but the units are wrong.

I did that using ~475 *statute* miles, left, at (currently) ~140 *nautical* miles per day.

Corrected, It's ~405 *nautical* miles to the barn, which... maybe indicates sometime Friday late-morning, instead of afternoon. If conditions stay favorable....


I have a feeling he's going to slow significantly around the channel Islands. That 400 nm was an unbelievable run that I doubt will continue. We should have a pool. I predict 4 p.m. on Saturday.


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144nm made good between Tuesday position and Wednesday position

283nm to the slip

I'm still thinkin' it could be mid-day Friday...


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114nm made good since yesterday's 9am position. 170nm to go from today's 9am position.

C'mon, breeze!!!!
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Thelonious II has been picked up by terrestrial AIS. Seventy-six miles to go. Welcome home!

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Arrived in slip 1010 p.m. last night--never mind "2210 Hours" for a while. I can't walk this morning--keep reaching for handholds. My house has very dangerous areas where you must cross unsupported, such as the living room. Boat came through well. On the whole it was a summer of unusually strong trades and big seas and low water temperatures. Bit of a challenge at times, and not nearly so meditative an experience as previously.

I learned a lot, as usual, and will contribute as time permits. There will be a full length video and specifics of breakage and means of avoidance and methods of repair.

Thanks for coming along. /Christian

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I hear Hasbro is developing a super hero after you.
We’ll, you are ours!


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