Wanted: Gate Stanchion


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I am looking for a gate stanchion for our E32-3. It is the piece with 2 posts that go into 2 base plates. We had one damaged in a storm recently. The one damaged was the aft portion of the gate on the starboard side, although all 4 gate stanchions appear to be the same, just mounted differently (does anybody know for sure?). Also, I am guessing they are the same part from several Ericson models.
Probably a hard part to find unless someone knows of a damaged boat or one being parted out.

Don Smith

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I second Christian's comments . Several years ago I took a damaged stanchion to a weld shop that does stainless steel work to fabricate a replacement. They recommended straightening instead. They straightened it and it turned out fine.

Unrelated comment: I've found that shops that make and repair auto convertible tops also are a good place to take boat canvass for repairs. These folks in their blissful ignorance don't understand that they're supposed to double the price for boat work.

Captain Don


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Had an oops docking last year. Garhauer made a new one for a very fair price and matched perfectly, except a bit shiny than the originals lol