Windless on E30+

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Another "who's got one" question...

Looking at incremental improvements on our E30+ and a windless might be this season's upgrades. I have seen them on smaller yachts before so I know it's doable just wondering layouts and style of windless's people have had success with on their E30+.

For those like me who are interested in current projects, my other seasonal upgrade is a new DC and AC panel, looking to add more capacity and breakers for future add ons (like a windless).

Last season we had her out of the water for a laundry list of items (all new seacocks, keel bolt tightening, bottom pain, cutlass bearings).

Our end goal is to have something for longer journies and extended stays as we upgrade and outfit while weekend in Catalina and jump around here in Southern Califonia.


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A windlass will need a much bigger breaker (or fuse) than will fit in that panel. My solution was to build a separate “main” panel close to the batteries, with big breakers for high load items like the house panel, windlass, SSB radio, inverter, (and maybe future air compressor). Some Blue Seas panels do have the capacity for these big items.

Alternate geometries are possible, such as putting a dedicated battery close to the windlass, with only “charging circuit” wires leading from the engine. These are probably overkill on a 30-foot boat though. My windlass installation, though somewhat model-specific, was recently posted.


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While not a project we've taken up yet, I would say the latest issue of Good Old Boat has an approach that would work for the 30+. A Bristol 29 installed a windlass using some interesting approaches to anchor locker lid modifications, and they describe basically creating a circuit separate from the main panel just from the windlass. I could see how this would work well on a 30+ with similar limitations.


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My windlass came with a 70A resettable breaker switch, which I mounted on spare real estate in the nav station. There's about 3' of heavy cable between the battery and this breaker, and then the cables go forward to the solenoid mounted on the inside of the forward bulkhead in the forepeak.