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    E38 list

    If you wand to put a hull number on Wiggle Room, it's number 8. Don
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    Can anyone tell me what year this E38 is?

    It should be part of the serial number cast into the transom.
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    Bay Area Raft Up

    It's been a while since I've been on, but the idea of a get together sounds good. Paradise Cove is a decent anchorage for one boat at a time, but I wouldn't want to raft there. It can get rolly in the morning when the ferries start running. Don Wiggle Room E38
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    Portlight cutout enlargement

    I cut mine with a sabre/jig saw and it worked well. If you do go with the saw, mask far enough around the new opening to keep the base of the saw from marring the gel coat. Don Wigle Wiggle Room E 38 #8 Pt. Richmond, CA
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    time for a new toilet in the head - anyone replaced theirs recently?

    hoses. Heads are a fairly easy install, and like some others, I like the Raritan, I actualy took out an almost new wilcox and replaced it shortly after getting this boat. What has been mentioned, but not really stressed is the hoses. Buy the best, you won't regret it because the cheaper...
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    New Found Metals

    I've had them on my 38 for about 4 years. Easier to use and prettier than the originals, plus glass windows so you can actually see out of them. The screens aren't that easy to use, and if I had it to do over, I'd get the ones they sell for a slanted cabin wall. Don Wigle Wiggle Room E 38...
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    Leak affecting cabin sole

    We had issues with water in the TAFG also. There are drains, just not effective ones. Most of our problem was from the hull to deck joint leaking under the rub rail and working its way down. While a new sole would have been nice, I made ours reasonably presentable again by setting the boards...
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    When close to San Fransisco ... ?

    What Matey said about the SF approach is the best, plan your trip for a flood tide for the approach, maybe 5 hours after leaving HMB. Buoy #8 is best, but I can usually get away with #4 and can sometimes cut that. If the water is FLAT you can cut it by quite a bit. The water gets shallow way...
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    When close to San Fransisco ... ?

    Anchor out or slip? South Beach is in my opinion the best of the marinas in SF, we spend several weekends a year there, but at $1.25 a foot per night, not really budget cruising. For anchoring, I like Richardson Bay (Sausalito), easy anchoring and near everything you might need with some local...
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    From Morro Bay to Monterey ?

    Stillwater I really like Stillwater, but don't go in at night or in heavy fog. Lots of kelp. Last time I was there (two years ago), they had a very helpful harbormaster. If you can raise him it will make getting in much easier, other than that, you might consider passing. We like to spend a...
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    V-birth drainage confusion.

    38? You don't say, but it appears that you have a 38. If that's the case, my 38 has that sump sealed so the shower water stays there and you have to switch the bilge pump from the main bilge to the shower and monitor it working the pump switch manually to keep it from overflowing. The only...
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    Spinlock clutch on mast?

    I've had three on my mast for about 5 years, including the jib with no problems. While the mast is relatively thin, there is enough thickness to drill and tap. I used Loctite instead of Lanacote as a barrier between the metals, plus the extra holding power. Since stress is pulling along the...
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    E38 Lightning Groun Plate

    encapsulated keel ??? In some of the earlier posts, encapsulated keel was mentioned. My 38 and others I've seen in yards just have a big lead fin hanging down, no fiberglass covering. Don Wigle Wiggle Room Pt. Richmond, CA
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    Older Ericson 38

    We've had our 38 for around 8 years. When we got her, she was sailable, but not everything was as I'd like it. By now I've done just about everything you listed and more, except the engine. If the engine is toast, a new one will be a bunch of money. Figure around $10,000 for the engine plus...
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    kenyon mast wire channel

    For what it's worth, I replaced my VHF antenna wire and added a wire for a tri-color without removing the cover without too much difficulty. The mast was out, so it was a little easier to work with, but I really didn't want to drill all those rivets. If you can attach a line to what's left of...