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    Seattle Swap Meet, NOW June 20

    Des Moines Yacht Club is having a swap meet March 21 south of Seattle
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    Facet Fuel Pump Replacement

    Permatex 80631, if I remember correctly. a blue tube.
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    Found this in an old thread...hopefully there are no splinters in that mast!

    Yeah, I don.t see one either. I've been looking!!
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    Solid fuel cabin heater

    We are likely headed down on Thursday. Does that work for you?
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    A-Syms Dead Downwind?

    I used an Asym a lot on my 30+, years ago. Can't beat em for short handed control.
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    Hawaii: June 2021

    It took us over a year to prep a friends X119 for the Vic-Maui. Safety is a TOP priority. We accomplished 3rd! Definitely a Bucket list thing.
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    Replacing ammeter for voltmeter gauge...question

    Are you talking cockpit panel or interior panel?
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    Coaming Box

    I'll give you a heads up, next time I Head down. probably next Tuesday.
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    Coaming Box

    Its yours. Do you get to Tacoma much? I live in south Seattle but go to Tacoma a fair amount.
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    Coaming Box

    After an exhausting search I found one on line ,(aftermarket) with a lockable lid. Very little surgery required. Don't remember the brand. I still have the teak trim ring in the shop if anyone wants it.
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    Solid fuel cabin heater

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    Fresh Water Plumbing

    By the way, the SharkBite fittings at Home depot will work on the Qest gray tubing.
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    Solid fuel cabin heater

    I cleaned it out pretty good. no cracks, can still see the printing in the stainless back.
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    Solid fuel cabin heater

    Hows a100 bucks sound?