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    Here is my set up after I took out the outlet/overboard connection and associated hoses and valves. I replaced H2O and waste tanks and after some thought decided to eliminate the overboard aspect. I capped off that thru hull for now. I don't sail were I can legally dump waste over, so there...
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    I have an ericson27 as well and as Mark says, there is space under that "head ledge". Being a tentative driller of holes in my boat for fear of sinking it, i would probably first look for an access from the locker where the tanks sit in the v-berth, thru the bulkhead into the space under the...
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    Buffer woes

    I’ve been trying my hand at buffing my hull. Using finesse it as hull is in decent shape. But I find the Makita buffer sticking and jumping, hard to control. What might I be doing wrong? I’ve tried more and less material. Higher, lower speeds. (And not a wuss so don’t go there lol). Trying...
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    Bottom paint on Blister repairs

    I pulled my e27 for some early spring work. After 22 months in the water the bottom was generally in excellent shape. I was dumbfounded actually by the good condition. However, in a few places where I made blister repairs in the past, the WM ablative bottom paint wore off down to the epoxy...
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    Chesapeake Ericson club

    This is the mount I am using now, well, a version from several years ago. I'm going to replace the existing one with this one:
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    Martec folding prop for sale

    I have a martec folding prop that is very very lightly used, in great shape. here are the specs, 3/4" bore, RH 12d x 12pitch. I also have two extra blades that fit the same hub. these blades are 12x6. If you are interested please PM asap. I can send pics.
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    Chesapeake Ericson club

    For the next Chesapeake club meet up, I believe Pat is the guy to select the location. I live in Hampton and am not familiar with Annapolis and Eastport other than as an infrequent visitor. I likely won't make too many of these meeting simply because of the distance. But I'll do my best!
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    wanted: RH prop with 3/4" bore

    I have a martec RH 3/4" bore folding prop. Message me if you're interested and we can discuss the measurement particulars.
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    Suggestions for EY.o Version 5?

    I like the "like" button. easy way to say "thanks" without adding to discussion thread length.
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    Chesapeake Ericson club

    minor correction, e27 owner at the chesapeake meet up is Jay, not Pat (although my parents apparently thought about naming me Patrick, so you could be on to something). It was a great time. I learned a lot from you all. Looking forward to the next meeting. Jay
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    Chesapeake Ericson club

    Sounds great, Mark. I plan on making it up there. Jay
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    WANTED: Bimini and cockpit cushions '78 E27

    I have an E27 with a bimini. And I have love-hate relationship with it. It came with the boat and I have looked into modifying it, but I always have something more important to fix or improve. I love it more than i hate it. The summer heat in the mid Atlantic region can be stifling, and it...
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    2019-2020 Fund Raising Season Now Open!

    Thanks, Sean. And happy holidays. Donation sent.
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    Chesapeake Ericson club

    Southies Yes. Bill and I are at the mouth of the Chesapeake. We're feeling left out. Bill is about a mile further south than I am. You can tell. His accent is thicker than mine LOL. :egrin:
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    40% off Helly Hansen, 11/7-11/11

    Thanks for the HH tip. A good deal of Xmas shopping was completed last night.