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    Bimini dimensions for an E 27

    Nice! Nice job, looks great! We went to the Keys for vacation last week and stopped by the boat on Saturday night on the way home. The plan was to install our top Sunday morning, but the wind was kicking at 15 to 20, (unusual for Lake lanier, due to the storm off the coast of FL.) so we...
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    Bimini dimensions for an E 27

    Wow, looks nice! Tough luck on the backstay, although it might be a blessing in disquise. I would think it would be really tough to snap a piece of stainless rigging, unless it has been weakened by corrosion, age, etc. Better to break at the dock versus while under sail.
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    Bimini dimensions for an E 27

    Hi Todd, Did you get a chance to install thwe bimini? If so, how'd it go? Glenn
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    Bimini dimensions for an E 27

    You know you married the right women when you ask her what she wants for Mothers Day and she replys " How about a Bimini for the boat?" :egrin: So... We have a 1971 27, tiller steering(hull 42). Any one have the dimension of the cock pit handy and any suggestions on the brand or place to...
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    Foam thickness for E 27 cushions.

    Thanks guys. We sure don't want to spend the $$$ and not be comfortable or have the cushions not hold up over the years. We plan on Vinyl on the bottom for durability. I've heard some people add a thinner layer of memory foam over the main foam of the cushion for comfort while sleeping...
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    Foam thickness for E 27 cushions.

    When we got our 1971 E 27, the previous owner did not have any cabin cushions. I have cut patterns for the shape of the cushions but don't know what the thickness of the cushions were. Were the seats and backs the same thickness? We are getting ready to get cushions made and any info would be...
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    Interior Cushions - Replacement - Chicago area

    What type of foam are you planning to use or are you just replacing the covers? I need to make cushions for my 27.
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    Bimini top suggestions and dimensions for an E 27

    I'm thinking about installing a bimini top on my 27. Any suggestions on brand and dimensions?
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    new e 27 owner

    Welcome, Mark! I also have an E 27 on lanier, what marina are you at? Glenn
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    nautical flea market

    Pier 17 in jacksonville fl is having a free flea market for both buyers and sellers this weekend. I have no affiliation with them. They have supplied my sail boat equipment habit for 30 years. They are off of roosevelt blvd by huckins yachts
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    Where do you keep your boat?

    We keep our 27 at Aqualand on Lake Sydney Laineer in Georgia. Nice sailing, great people that run the marina, multiple marina parties:egrin: a year. There are four Ericsons on U dock including us. A buck sixty five a month, including electric.
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    Repowering E27 outboard

    I have an E 27 with an outboard bracket and use an evinrude 9.9 hp outboard. You will want either a saildrive model or at least a longshaft. Nice options are electric start and alternator equipped. I have had three saildrives on various boats over the years and love them. The 9.9 pushes the...
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    E27 Traveler

    Can you post the pics, I'd like to see them
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    Advice on cleaning a sail

    Thanks Chris, I'll give it a try.
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    Advice on cleaning a sail

    We took our 27 out last week for a few days to celebrate the 4th. The weather was great although we could have used a litter more wind, but still had a great time. The only damper on the week was finding that a bird had gotten under the main sail cover and left what ever was for lunch behind...