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    Used Diesel?

    I once rebuilt a yanmar and was disappointed with the results -- expensive, and of uncertain quality. For example, the engine developed an overheating problem in its first season after rebuild, and what I discovered was that the water pump was mostly plugged up and hadn't even had the impeller...
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    Ericson 38 in NJ $16k

    I have to imagine a boat in that condition is worth <$5K, and maybe more like 2-3K. Only a small handful of people have the patience and resources to undertake a restoration project like that. The market is very small. A key decision filter might be to determine if the engine runs (or even...
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    Olson 34 for Sale - Redondo Beach, CA I noticed this O34 is for sale this weekend. The boat is around the corner from me in the King Harbor Marina. Have no knowledge about the boat, however a local rigger told me she is hull #3.
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    Universal XP25 - failure caused by airfilter

    I came across this thread recently and ordered the K&N filter (turns out the part number has change - now it's RU-0370. Available on Amazon prime for ~$30. When I went to take off the factory air filter, I discovered that the same situation that had happened to Brian was in process on my...
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    White smoke in E38 Universal diesel engine

    Years ago, I had a boat with a 2 cylinder Yanmar that sheared off about a third of the surface of an exhaust valve. The engine was 18 years old and only had 196 hours on it -- the single prior owner had used it very little. Upon teardown it became clear that all of the valves had corroded...
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    Powerwashing - DOs and DON'Ts?

    Ah, yes, the consideration of wax... now this thread is getting interesting! My go to for 20+ years is: I apply once a year with a buffer, remove with a towel. Durability is very good, even with my cleaning regimen. It's my choice...
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    Powerwashing - DOs and DON'Ts?

    Probably 2 cups each in a 5 gallon bucket. I am not much on precision.
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    Powerwashing - DOs and DON'Ts?

    As an alternative to power washing FWIW I've made a careful study of how to keep decks clean with a minimum of effort (emphasis on the last part). My formula for 20 years now is: Bucket + hot water + bleach + simple green + long handled brush. Best brush I have found is...
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    Keel Stepped Mast - Chainplate Work

    So my O34 is my first boat with a keel stepped mast... and I'm contemplating doing some chain plate bedding work which would cause me to need to disconnect one whole side/set of uppers/intermediates/lowers at the same time. I'm wondering how stable the freestanding section is on its own? I'm...
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    Olson 34 Running Backstays (to be or not to be)

    Gang - thanks so much, i love this forum. So I've learned the difference between check stays and running backstays. And I'll conclude that I probably don't need to worry about them for now unless i'm going to do some more serious offshore work with the boat.
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    WM Inflatable Sale $349 (sale expired 12.19.2019)

    Christian - wow, great deal... thanks for posting, I wouldn't have seen it... bought one.
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    Olson 34 Running Backstays (to be or not to be)

    Thanks Andy and Loren. I guess I must have my terminology wrong... check stays not running backstays. Helpful to understand they are not just for offwind sailing. I'll have to take a closer look at how my boat is laid out, but I'm pretty sure that there isn't any turning block for them back...
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    Olson 34 Running Backstays (to be or not to be)

    Gents, So I've been through the process of replacing all the standing rigging on my new-to-me O34. At some point in the process I realized that the boat did not come rigged with any running backstays (although the mast column has the fitting where a terminal would be inserted). Any feedback...
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    Anodized mast?

    I am a perfectionist by trade, but will share a different mast painting experience for what it's worth. In the mid-90s a 20 something me bought a 1977 Catalina 30 tall rig that was cosmetically neglected but structurally sound. It fit nicely in my recent college grad budget, and I lived aboard...
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    Replacement Furler for 1981 E38

    Profurl Lots of strong opinions on furlers. I use ProFurl because in my experience they are (1) good, (2) cheap (3) easily owner installable. I am in the process of installing a new model C350 on my O34. I think that would also fit your E38. Best price I could find was $1875 at...