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    alternator brands

    If you already have a Balmar then definitely don't give that up. I would find your local auto electric shop (yelp works best for this for me) and have it rebuilt for like $100. No sense changing.
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    alternator brands

    I recently swapped out the original Motorola alternator on my M25XP with this one from Catalina Direct: I've not done much testing of it's actual amperage output, but it's rated for 105 amps and is less...
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    Ericson 38 sunk (dripless packing gland failure)

    For someone who might be wondering if $8K for this boat is a good deal, I'll share a story I heard recently from a family friend. This person had a well maintained Catalina 34 on the hard in Abaco, Bahamas when the catastrophic hurricane went through two years ago. Boat ended up blown over...
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    Lewmar Port Gaskets

    Thanks Loren. I bought this kit from Catalina Direct hoping these tools may help: If anyone has figured out how to do these seal replacements, I would be grateful for the...
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    How to refresh interior (and exterior) wood?

    I am also in the process of restoring my interior, which bears the sins of years of neglect and at least one prior owner making some half assed attempts to varnish a couple of the bulkheads without the necessary prep. After contemplating options (and reading Don Casey's book too), I have...
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    Lewmar Port Gaskets

    Reviving this thread... HELP! I am in the process of replacing all the windows and seals in my (5) Lewmar Old Standard Size 1 opening ports. Mine are badly crazed and leak a little. Bought the replacement acrylic lenses and handle seal o-rings from Hatchmasters - easy. Bought 5 replacement...
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    Yacht Specialties Pedestal Problems

    Maybe a silly question, but has anyone ever considered building a new pedestal base out of fiberglass? With all the corrosion issues I have wondered about the possibility of eliminating the metal part entirely.
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    Solder Seal Wire Connector Test

    Great thread. I couldn't resist buying some of these on the everything store... in my enthusiasm I even upsold myself to the 200 piece set for $16.99 Obviously these are not specifically designed for marine applications like the fine products from Ancor. However, every time I am tempted to...
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    Multistage diesel filtration

    On a prior boat I had a Yanmar 2QM and the Racor 500 (intalled by prior owner). I also used to assume that it would always be better to filter to 2 microns as opposed to 10 or 30. Cleaner fuel is better for the engine!! Right? And even though I took much care with tank...
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    Wanted - Alcohol stove

    Mark - thanks a ton for this tip... I've been looking all over for an Origo 3000... called the Sailboat Wrecking Yard guys and they do indeed have some... $225 ea + shipping. End of my quest!
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    e34-2 fuel tank cleaning?

    As far as I know there is no difference in sulfur content between the red and yellow - it's all ULSD. I add Marvel Mystery Oil to my fuel to address what I believe is a lubricity issue for older engines that were not designed for ULSD. That probably could be the topic of a whole different...
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    e34-2 fuel tank cleaning?

    I am frequently wrong (ask my wife), however I think opposite is actually the case about the legality of the fuel usage. In my understanding the red stuff indicates the fuel has not had road tax applied, and hence it cannot be used in motor vehicles (and is easy for state troopers to notice if...
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    e34-2 fuel tank cleaning?

    I have spent a fair amount of time cleaning out fuel tanks over the years. Did use a professional service once, but have evolved to a DIY process that works well. I open whatever inspection port or fill access I can get, and then use a large 9 liter fluid extractor to suck the fuel out of the...
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    Lee Sails

    My go-to over the years has been Rolly Tasker, sails made at a state of the art loft in Thailand. I have bought multiple sails from their US dealer, National Sail Supply ( Dirk, the owner, is a very professional and thorough guy. If you email him telling him you have an...
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    Bilge water mystery

    I accomplish this same dry bilge outcome with the same $50 fluid extractor I use for oil changes. It will pretty much remove every drop of water, whereas this Rule system still leaves 1/8". And it's not another system to install and maintain.