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    Any other Ericsons on Kerr Lake in Henderson NC??

    i think only two that I know of. Both on C dock of Staeel Creek Marina. I used to have “Pronto” an Ericsson 26 there, but I sold her and her new owners haven’t been around for several years. Pat SV Kailani
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    Builders plate

    Wonder if this would work? Loren, has a brass "Commisioning Plate" listed for sale. I got one a few years back for Kailani as she had no builders plate. Pat S/V Kailani Corkins Neck, NC
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    42" Wheel and Anchor Windlass For Sale

    I have a Lofgrens manual windlass that I was just getting ready to post and then saw your inquiry on the older post. It has both gypsy and drum similar to the one pictured. It is in very good condition and only selling because I replaced with an electric. PM me if interested. Pat Caliber 33 ->...
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    What part am I missing here? (And where do I get it?)

    This shackle might fit: Pat
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    E 26 Spinnakers for sale

    Just back from business trip. Will post tomorrow. Pat
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    E 26 Spinnakers for sale

    All, I sold the boat last fall, but the new owner did not want the spinnakers. I have 2 symmetricals and one assymetrical. All in good condition. I'll send pictures via PM to those interested. Price is $300 each plus shipping. Buy all three and I will even throw in a Blooper! Pat formerly S/V...
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    Connecting the Victron 600s Battery Monitor

    I installed one of these last year and have been very happy with it so far. if I understand your situation and question, you are saying the shunt will be electrically the last place all current will flow though before going to the jumper directly back to the battery with no other connection...
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    Messenger Line How-To's

    Good question Loren. I do the same as you...stitch the butts together and the tape the connection.Pat
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    New Ericson 26 owner

    Welcome,There are a few of us who have the smaller Ericsons and post regularly. I hope you come to enjoy yours as much as we do. Practical Sailer did a review of the 25 and 26 and were very complimentary.Pat
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    Cleaning a sail

    I use the oxyclean soak in a plastic barrel routine...about 4 hours or so. I called the oxyclean consumer help line and they advised no more time than that. I also barrel soak 2x to rinse and then hang from a large tree in the side yard to dry. Others I know use the rafters of their garage to...
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    Opinions on Replacing Thru Hulls

    Mark, The above the waterline ones were cracked as you can see in the attached picture. The yard told me that the below the waterline ones were in fact brittle and broke while they were being removed. Whether this was from impact or from disassembly I don't know. The other picture is of the...
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    Opinions on Replacing Thru Hulls

    On the Lake where I keep Pronto, there is not a yard for maintenance work, so most boats are pulled infrequently (3-4 years) and then trailered down to yards on the coast. I had my boat pulled this spring for bottom maintenance and new standing rigging as well as replacement of the through hulls...
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    Opinions on Replacing Thru Hulls

    I went through this this spring with the major refit of Pronto. I replaced all with bronze. It appeared to me that the labor was the same and the cost difference per through hull averaged about $35. I decided to go with bronze to never have to worry about them again.Pat
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    What's a safe load?

    I instantly remembered this thread when I saw the news this morning. The whole situation reminds me of the Mcgregor overloading a few years back and of how preventable this type of accident is. Condolences to the families of the children lost last evening. Pat
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    Could I check out your E25+? (LA/Long Beach area)

    If I recall correctly form the PS review of the 25+ and 26-300 series, they share the same hull and the 26 corrected the minor deficiencies noted in the 25+. Pat