1. K

    Spreader 1972 Ericson

    Random is docked in Lorain, Ohio and in need of two new spreaders before Spring. Anyone know where we can purchase? Thanks. Kathy G.
  2. Earwax

    Lower Ches Bay 1972 E29 craigslist

    Found this on craig's list...don't know if it's from someone on these discussion forums. http://norfolk.craigslist.org/boa/2011383925.html
  3. D

    Ericson 27 1972 ForSale

    Nice solid boat - Hate to let her go and she's priced to sell here is the clist link: http://santabarbara.craigslist.org/boa/1623216958.html thanks db
  4. L

    Super Clean E35 1972 For Sale, Marina Del Rey California $23,800

    Sold, Super Clean E35 1972 For Sale, Marina Del Rey California $24,400 -- Venteux is SOLD when to a good home in King Harbor Redondo Beach CA -- I am putting up "Venteux" for sale, I am the second owner. She is a dream to sail. We just had baby boy and we don't have the time to enjoy...
  5. C

    1972 E-29 needs a rubrail insert!

    Having trouble locating a rubrail insert for a "72 E-29 that I've been restoring & upgrading. I saw one recently posted, but it already got snatched up! Looked @ Wefco & Rubrails.com but no dice. How do I get one or is there a reasonable substitute in existance?:esad:
  6. S

    1972 E39 in Michigan for sale

    There is a 39 flush deck for sale in Mich. Here is the craigslist posting. Sounds like some potential for $14,000. http://detroit.craigslist.org/boa/755301993.html Stillwater Bellingham, WA
  7. M

    1972 Ericson 29 in very nice condition - $6500 (Marina del Rey)

    Very nice 1972 ERICSON 29 for sale <o></o> • Atomic 4 engine runs great • Main sail & jib in good condition (additional sail, unknown size or condition) • 2 anchors & rode, bow and stern • Tiller steering • Outboard motor mount available • Dodger & canvas in very good condition • Head...
  8. J

    1972 Ericson 27 for sale in Massachusetts

    Fresh Water cooled AT4 Mail 2006 Excellent jib (fair) Storm jib (new) Genny (fair) Spinnaker Hood (Excellent) Spinnacker pole Danforth Compass (2008) Wheel steering (Edson) Danforth and plow anchors 200 feet anchor line (2006) Signet knotmeter (2008) stereo/CD/speakers (2007) Garmin...
  9. D

    Steering Parts for a 1972 E32-2?

    My boat was originally built with a tiller instead of a wheel and I'm trying to convert to a wheel. I need parts. I already have a pedestal, a wheel, and a quadrant, but the pedestal is bare. I need bearings, steering shaft, chain, and cable. Anyone have parts or know where I can get them...
  10. J

    1972 Ericson 27 for sale, $1500, Hull #235

    1972 Ericson 27 for sale, $1500, Hull #235 Following a confluence of minor personal, fiscal and time crises, I’m selling my Ericson and downgrading my boating ambitions. I do not have the time or money to continue with the project, and she is admittedly a project boat. I started on the road...
  11. D

    Need Steering Parts for 1972 E32-2 (wheel & quadrant)

    I have one of the early Ericson 32s that had a tiller instead of a wheel. I want to convert it to a wheel but am having trouble finding the parts. I have the pedestal, but still need a wheel and a quadrant. If you either of those parts and are willing to part with it, please let me know how...
  12. S

    1972 Ericson 35 for sale

    I am selling this Ericson 35 to make room for a new boat. It is sea-worthy but needs interior work. The boat had a small smoldering fire in the upholstery which started in a portable space heater (thanks to the previous owner). No serious damage or structural problems. The boat has passed local...
  13. S

    1972 E-29 For Sale-Marina Del Rey, CA

    Turnkey E-29 for sale with slip in Marina Del Rey, CA. For photos and details go to: www.ericsonforsale.blogspot.com Asking $16,500. OBO This clean 29' sailing yacht is perfect for coastal cruising and island getaways. She has served my family well, but alas we have outgrown her. She...
  14. D

    1972 Ericson 27 for sale: $7000

    I am selling my 1972 Ericson 27, located at Crowleys in Chicago. I've owned, repaired and refurbished this boat for 10 years. 8 sails, lots of extra stuff. Visit http://www.planion.com/boat.htm call Dan at 630.598.1430 or email me at ziggy@planion.com
  15. D

    Ericson 35 (1972) Wetted Surface Area

    Does any one out there know what the wetted surface area of a E-35 is in sqare feet? I am trying to calculate cost for a localized blister repair job for a 35 I am close to purchasing. I did find a calculation on the web but it requires a lot of measurements (which I can't do at this point)...