1. trickdhat

    35-3 Port Chainplate Pics?

    I'm replacing all the pluming for my head and like every other project, it's "providing other opportunities for improvement" (I'm trying for the optimistic side today). I noticed the washers and nuts for the cap shroud chainplates have some rust. I tried searching for some pics and/or advice...
  2. New Elbow.jpg

    New Elbow.jpg

    New Elbow with Heat shield from HDI Marine
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  4. Helper.jpg


    My daughter helping with the new thru hull install
  5. 20200606_164737.jpg


    Weekend sail to Kingston
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  9. trickdhat

    VCO Tachometer hour meter repair

    The listing for our new boat stated around 400 hours on the newer Yanmar 3YM20, but the hour meter was broken. I did a quick google search and found a post on the J/109 forum detailing how to fix the problem (https://j109.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=205&p=724&hilit=Tachometer#p724). The root...
  10. B

    150 Genoa For Sale

    Used 150 Genoa for roller furling from an Ericson 34-2 measures Luff 44 ft. Foot 22.5. Unsure of age but based on limited boat history and good condition of sail I suspect it has 1 season in the Chesapeake and 7 seasons in Maine. Built by North, has rope inserts at luff for better sail shape...
  11. B

    Winter Cover Ericson 34 or 35

    This is a boom tent type cover that needs no frame, heavy canvas. Has many cringles in place for proper tie down. Canvas is a bit musty but not terrible and still quite firm, 5 small holes have been patched with tape. Bow section measures 108 at bow end, 214 at mast end, 210 down centerline, 212...
  12. D

    1986 35-3 Fuel Tank Quarter Berth water leak

    On my boat, a small amount of water accumulates at the low point closest to the engine and immediately forward of the fuel tank in a low point. I have removed the quarter berth platform, exposing the tank and all surrounding areas. There is no sign the water is moving forward along the tank or...
  13. D

    Standing Rigging Replacement

    I am planning on pulling my mast to address some corrosion issues before they go from minor to major. At same time we will do a full inspection of the standing rigging and update wiring. Given the age of the boat (and as far as I know the rigging is original), should I arbitrarily replace...