1. S

    E-38 Article in Blue Water Sailing Magazine

    There is an article in the Sept edition of BWS magazine by Taryn & Stephen Toman of the E38 Synchronicity. I tried to find an on line link but couldn't. It is an interesting article of their maiden trip from Baltimore to Bermuda. Stephen is an experienced blue water cruiser but this voyage...
  2. Loren Beach

    Nice iPad boating article (blog) See the August 6 post. Best, Loren
  3. Loren Beach

    California cruising article just out The May '10 Latitude 38 issue, pp 104 - 107, has a marvelous cruising article by long-time Olson 34 sailors Lina and Bruce Nesbit. I believe that you can also read it in the Lat. 38 on-line edition referenced above. And, they make it clear that they cruise...
  4. Matey

    Ericson 32 article reprint pt.1

    Sean, In looking through documents from previous owners of my boat I came across a reprinted article from Boating Magazine dated November 1971 on the Ericson 32 thats pretty cool. I've scanned it and the pictures are attached. I could also email them to you if you find the article suitable for...
  5. Loren Beach

    zinc replacement article Interesting little article on your Universal Diesel heat exchanger zinc. The Catalina Direct site has other useful stuff, like new lenses for Lewmar portlights, too. Loren
  6. ragamuffin

    Sailing Magazine Ericson 27 Retrofit Article

    Thought I would share this with all of you. I just received the Jan 09 Sailing Magazine, and myself and ragamuffin where part of the article how cool is that. All made possible by this web site. Adam Cort the author found me on here and interviewed me in Chicago last October. The article is...
  7. Loren Beach

    DIY Battery Cable article Link to an illustrated web article on making your own battery cables with proper terminals. LB
  8. Loren Beach

    Drive System Maint. article Nice article on alignment, from prop to engine. Good illustrations, too. Loren
  9. Loren Beach

    Winch Servicing Article I would say it is "jolly good" of that fine UK sailing magazine, PBO, to make this stuff available on line. :) Loren
  10. Loren Beach

    Keel Rebed article Link to a newer project page on Wally's fine site. Lots of photos and commentary on rebedding the keel. Loren
  11. Loren Beach

    Cruising Article (non Ericson)

    A friend of mine that has owned a "Willard Nine Ton" (Crealock design, cutter, 30' on deck) for many years passed along this article by an owner of a sister ship. They have a small owners' discussion group on a Yahoo list. I thought that the information was interesting and potentially useful...
  12. Loren Beach

    Article about prep. for being offshore

    A Cruising World Featured Article: "Advice for the Offshore First Timer" by Andrew Burton Real nice article on what to expect in a blue water passage. Informative without being cutesy or condescending...
  13. T

    Cruising World Article on Ericson

    I read in the May Crusing World magazine a reference to an article called "I Love Ericsons" by Melissa Neale and I must have missed that issue. Does anyone have a copy they could scan and email to me? Thanks, Bart
  14. M

    Re-Packing A Stuffing Box - A New Photo DIY Article

    Hi All, I have seen this question, "how do I re-pack my stuffing box" posed literally hundreds of times, on different forums, and still no-one had a good photo based article on how to change the flax packing in an old school stuffing box. Sunday afternoon it was ridiculously rainy, hahvin' a...
  15. Loren Beach

    Spinnaker article - E/38 Nice article about flying a spinnaker without pole on an E-38. Several good pictures, too. Enjoy, Loren
  16. R

    Catalina article in Cruising World mag

    I picked up the October issue of Cruising World and it has a article about an "east coaster's" (who's the editor) 4 day cruise to Catalina
  17. J

    Printing Lewmar Hatch Article

    Hi: I can't get the Yachting Monthly Lewmar hatch replacement article to print properly. It's in jpeg format and opens in IE. Printing only gives me the top left corner of the page. Help? JG
  18. Strats43

    collecting info for Spinsheet article on the rebirth of the mighty CEOA!!!!

    Hi all! Just wanted to take the time to say thanks to David for taking on the rebirth of the CEOA! As some of you know Ive been trying to get it up and running for a few months, so its great to have some help and another brain to bounce things off. So I want to hear from you what will make...
  19. G

    Article on 35-3 in Sail Magazine

    There is a good article on a 35-3 (Sea Maiden) beginning on page 52 of the March 2005 issue of Sail Magazine.