1. Yanmar 3GM30F Raw Water Impeller Replacement

    E32-200 Yanmar 3GM30F Raw Water Impeller Replacement

    Rambling on about explosion factories:
  2. Engine Cooling - Hose Replacement

    E26-2 Engine Cooling - Hose Replacement

    All of hoses in the cooling system on my Westerbeke 10 Two appeared to be original from 1985. One hose had already blown with the previous owner, so I decided this should be a project to tackle early on. This project ended up spanning many months as new "opportunities" arose. So, let's jump...
  3. Yanmar 3GM30F Heat Exchanger Service, Don't Mix Coolant Colors

    E32-200 Yanmar 3GM30F Heat Exchanger Service, Don't Mix Coolant Colors

    While I had my engine out of my sailboat this spring, I earnestly(!) thought of good proactive, preventative maintenance I could carry out while being able to walk around the engine and access the top and all four sides with ease. I’d seen horror examples of clogged heat exchangers on the...
  4. Just another heat exchanger refurbish

    E26-2 Just another heat exchanger refurbish

    While changing out my impeller earlier this year on my Westerbeke 10 Two, I also attempted to remove the zinc in the heat exchanger (expecting that it might have not been replaced recently/ever). It's kind of tight access, and I didn't want to bend it all up by cranking on it. All I was...
  5. Impellers?  We don't need no stinkin' impellers!

    E26-2 Impellers? We don't need no stinkin' impellers!

    Actually, we do. While running the engine the first time, I noticed it got pretty hot (still wasn't sure if I could even trust the gauges), but it wasn't spitting water. I had a pretty good idea of the cause. Thankfully, I think (hope) we avoided any permanent damage. Yeah, tons of people...
  6. B

    E333 Engine cooling problem

    I have an intermittent problem causing engine overheat due to loss of sea water cooling circulation. This is with a Yanmar 3GM30F. I have already checked and claened the sea water strainer, (no blockage), replaced the water pump impellor, (nothing wrong with old one), checked all lines, etc...
  7. treilley

    Odd cooling system problems

    Sometimes when motoring my engine stops pumping raw water. It stops coming out of the exhaust and it sounds like the water lift muffler is dry. I take it out of gear and rev the engine a few times which seems to kick start the flow but stops when it drops back to idle. If I get it flowing and...
  8. Leon Sheean

    Raw Water Cooling M-25XP

    Has anyone put together a logical sequence of attack to identify blockage on the raw-water side of the mx-25? Is there a schimatic out there?!! Water flow through the exhaust stopped abruptly on me yesterday and so far I have: 1. Blown out the water intake line (with my air horn, and...
  9. G

    Raw water cooling problem solved.

    All, I'm posting this in the event that it might happen to you. I was baffled for a short while but now that it's over, it all makes sense. OK, here are the stats. The engine in my E31 is a 22.5 HP, 3-cylinder Yanmar 3GMF, the F standing for fresh water cooling. There's a round, bronze Buck...
  10. D

    cooling system question

    Hi......I had a slow water flow from the exhaust on Sunday so checked all the usual suspects and now it works fine......but may have just picked up some seaweed. That being said this boat is new to me E30-1 with Yanmar 2GM20F from 1992. The Kingston cock I am not familiar with this...
  11. R

    Engine cooling hose

    After viewing a few pictures of small Yanmar engines installed in Ericson boats, I am not sure of the purpose of this hose assy. According to the Yanmar parts book, the stock hose is aprox. 10" long and runs from the thermostat to the mixing elbow. My boat has the yanmar hose installed and...
  12. J

    Nissan little cooling water

    Hi There, I have a little Nissan 3.5b for my dinghy and have noticed the water flow is quite low at the moment (very little water coming out of the outlet hose), I know that sometimes salt crystals will form in the outlet line is there anything else you guys would suggest I look out for on...
  13. C

    engine compartment cooling ?

    A very respected diesel mechanic in Annapolis recently suggested to me that leaving the blower on will significantly help reduce the engine room heat and improve alternator performance too. I was skeptical until I tried it recently. Since the blower has a momentary switch I only ran it about...
  14. R

    Never happened (RE: Cooling problem on M25)

    Hi, all, sorry - pressed a wrong button and posted a new thread... Back to the M25 cooling issue: this problem never happened on Fire Eater, so I thing Geoff is right - something is wrong with the cooling system. Water pumps - either raw water or fresh - may be out of order, for example...
  15. R

    Atomic 4 cooling system flushing

    The coolant discharge from my raw-water cooled A-4 varies from good flow to weak. Moyer Marine suggested flushing the system with a 50% water-diluted muratic acid solution. The local yard recommended "Salt-Away" as a better and safer flush. Any inputs? Thanks, Ray.
  16. C

    Diesel engine cooling fluid

    I am wondering what folks use for the fresh water cooling circuit in their diesel engines: 1. Pure antifreeze, or 2. 50/50 mixtue of antifreeze/water, 3. other. Peter
  17. D

    exhaust steaming & cooling system

    we own a 1988 38-200 with the Universal 5432 engine. Above 1800 rpm with a temp of 150f we start seeing some steam which increases with increasing rpm. At 2200 temp will be 175-180. temps seem normal but we are concerned about the steaming. any ideas? in looking at the system we see a small...
  18. J

    Sea Water Cooling System Problem

    I made mistake of running engine with Sea Intake Valve closed for around 20 minutes. Impeller pump disintegrated but no other visual damage caused. Engine still runs smoothly but hot. I have replaced Impeller rubber component, cleaned intake hoses and Sea Strainer leading to the Impeller pump...
  19. G

    Universal Engine Cooling (Fresh Water)

    A lot is made in the Manual regarding the raw water pump impeller replacement (including detailed instructions), but nothing is stated regarding the fresh warter pump, which is belt driven. It would seem that this pump is just as vital as the salt water coolant pump - is it bullet-proof, and...