1. H

    cutlass bearing

    I need to replace the cutlass bearing, is this a job for the ship yard or is it a project I can do during a haul out and bottom job ? 1984 mkII 4'11" draft with a Universal xp25 diesel engine? Thanks, Chip ( Hat Hanger )
  2. R

    35-II Cutlass bearing/strut questions

    Despite the 33oF and wind I have this morning removed the prop shaft from our boat. The boat is powered by an A4 and has a 3/4" shaft -both factory installed as far as I know. I sanded the vast majority of antifouling off the strut end/sleeve but can see no signs of any dimples, recesses, or...
  3. S

    E-27 Cutlass bearing

    I’m a new E-27 owner, and it appears I have a Cutlass bearing issue. The bearing has separated from the strut, and will need to be fixed. I assumed I just need to attach to the brass (?) casing to the strut and all would be good; however, all the pictures that I have seen – it appears there...
  4. R

    cutlass bearing

    Yes its time to change the cutlass bearing on mat E35-mark2.Anyone know what I can expect to pay? Is the shaft on a strut. any advice would be appreciated, ' Ralph Ericson owner-"another fine mess'
  5. D

    E-27 cutlass bearing

    We have a groaning sound on Desiderata when we put her in gear. Both forward and reverse. I feared for transmission problems, but a friend (NOT a boat expert, but good mechanic) listened to it and suggested the noise wasn't "metallic" enough to be the transmission and may be the cutlass...
  6. D

    Ericson32-3 cutlass bearing.

    I recently had to replace the cutlass bearing in my Ericson32-3 and our Yard Manager came up with an ingenious way to install. Rather then drop the rudder for shaft removal, he removed a few hoses and lifted the engine high enough to slide the shaft under the engine and out of the strut. Pressed...
  7. F

    First partial engine alignment--some thoughts to share

    We had some new vibration on our boat with the engine running, following installation of a new transmission by a diesel mechanic. I hoped it might improve on it's own once the transmission wears in a bit, but that didn't happen. I read up on engine alignment, and debated whether to attempt...
  8. Dferr

    E-38 Cutlass bearing

    Happy New Year all! I tried to do a search on this, but didn't find it. Anyway, does anyone know the correct size Cutlass bearing I need for my 1982 E-38? I measured 5 1/2" long x 1 1/4 OD, does that sound correct? Also, I don't find any set screws in the strut, is that correct? Should I go...
  9. J

    E29 Cutlass Bearing

    I need to replace the cutlass bearing on my E29, and cannot determine whether it is just the rubber bearing that needs to be pulled, or the bronze sleeve surrounding the rubber bearing as well. If it were the bronze sleeve, i would expect a set screw in the strut which would hold the bearing in...
  10. ChrisS

    worn cutlass bearing

    I just had the bottom cleaned, and the diver noticed that the cutlass bearning is getting pretty worn (the surveyor said it was 30% worn one year ago), and indeed, there seems to be more vibration when motoring. Aside from the vibration, is there any danger in putting this job off? Will it...
  11. treilley

    E35-3 Cutlass bearing

    Can anyone give me the make, model and source for this bearing? Thanks
  12. S

    Cutlass bearing 36c and strut

    I'm in the yard in Venezuela. We hit a fish trap in PR bent the strut real bad but the shaft shark cut it off. I was able to some what bend it back but not far enough after 2hrs of underwater hammering with a 4lb hammer and a hooka rig. It got us this far.Got the shaft out, it's bent and...
  13. Bolo

    Cutlass bearing replacement

    Thinking ahead somewhat, I need to replace my cutlass bearing on our E-32 (1987) which we just bought a few months ago. I'll be doing this sometimes after haul out near Thanksgiving, along with putting in a dripless stuffing box and maybe even a folding or feathering prop. But the most...
  14. R

    Cutlass strut corrosion

    Recently had my 1971 E29 hauled for bottom paint. Cutlass bearing was worn, so decided to replace it. Removed the cutlass strut, and found that the stainless securing bolts were badly damaged by electrolysis. On removing the cutlass bearing, the bronze strut itself cracked. The yard where...
  15. Y

    Cutlass bearing on E32 1970

    Hello, I bought a E 32 1970 and I would like to change the cutlass bearing because there is some vibration. I cleaned the strut and found out that there are no set screws !!! It looks like there is no brass around that bearing (only rubber). Did anyone ever change a cutlass bearing on an...
  16. J

    Cutlass Bearing on an E-28

    I am in the process of purchasing an E-28 1987 and the engineer strongly advised that the Cutlass Bearing be replaced to avoid secondary damage. Unfortunately, where I live in Huntington, NY none of the local boat yards have the proper 3/4" tool to pull the bearing out, so it may necessitate...