1. G

    E30+ compression post / bulkhead concern

    Looking for any advice on some deformation at the base of the compression post / bulkhead which can be seen in the photos. This is a 1981 E30+. I do not see any noticeable depression on deck underneath the mast base. The E30+ has limited access to the base of the compression post so other than...
  2. MrChristopher

    Ericson Document E30+ electrical plan, schematic. Redrawn and color coded. A

    This is a cleaned-up, redrawn version of the scanned factory electrical plan with a couple details (like black and water tanks) added.
  3. light24bulbs

    30+ water system confusion, which way should the pump face? It almost seems reversed

    Hi there, maybe somebody else who has a 30 plus and has messed with the water system can help me out. My new-to-me boat's water system hasn't been activated in 5 years or so. I'm trying to get it working. I filled up the starboard tank (wow does that make the boat list a bit) and open the valve...
  4. light24bulbs

    Just bought an Ericson 30+, I have many maintenance questions

    I just purchased an extremely nice single owner Ericson 30 plus 1984 tall rig. She's in great, almost incredible shape but..since it's a boat, she needs a ton of work too. I have a huge dump of questions so I was hoping someone might have some answers to some of them. 1. Shrouds are original...
  5. E30+ Stern Access (Pt 2)

    E30-3 E30+ Stern Access (Pt 2)

    In response to comments on the previous blog entry. Yes! Access to the quadrant is easy. You do have to lie on your back, but you can scooch right up under it. I constructed a shelf to fit over the fuel tank which is mostly the same level as the quarter berth. Eventually I may put a water...
  6. E30+ Stern Access (Pt 1)

    E30-3 E30+ Stern Access (Pt 1)

    I have been meaning to post this for awhile but only recently took some pics. The aft end of the 30+ is only accessible through the lazarette. It's not a comfortable space. Add a spare battery various hoses, and a hot water heater and its nearly impossible to get in there. And if one does manage...
  7. S

    Decision time...

    We're approaching decision time on a first boat purchase, after nearly a year of searching. I'm pretty sure we'd be most happy with something in the 34-38' range over the long term, but to start with a 27-29' will get us sailing, and learning what we like and don't like in the design. In about...
  8. Shot @ the Dock

    Shot @ the Dock

    Resting on her lines...
  9. gkjtexoma

    Wanted Ericson 30+ Dining Table

    Hello all, By chance is there anyone with a spare table for an Ericson 30+. I'll pay good money and shipping for one in decent shape. Or even if there is one out there in not so good shape, it would be better than starting from scratch. Thanks! :esad:
  10. yodaears

    Help please - Universal M-20 raw water pump failure

    Alrighty, either I am the worst googler ever or I have overlooked what I am sure is a previously discussed topic. My apologies. Help is appreciated... 1984 E30+, Universal M-20, Sherwood G908 Lost raw water flow yesterday, shut off immediately and had a docking adventure under sail. In-flow...
  11. S

    Replacement manual bilge hose

    Has anyone experience in removing and replacing the hose from the manual pump to the bilge? My bilge pump hose on my E30 has sprung a small leak. Are there aspects I need to be aware of in this replacement? Thanks, Stan