ericson 29

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    1971 Ericson 29 ready for 2020 launch Bow Shot
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    1971 Ericson 29 ready for 2020 launch 3/4 View
  3. jacksonkev

    Ericson 29 mainsail (barely used) for sale...

    I have a mainsail off of my last boat (1971 Ericson 29) for sale. Long story short, I bought an Ericson 30+ a few years ago after selling my E-29. The latter had major engine issues and a broken mast. I got a ton of low ball offers. So, I eventually took everything of value off the old boat...
  4. S

    Ericson '29 - READY FOR CRUISING! Over 23K Invested!!! LOOK!!

    PRICE REDUCED 4K 09/06/17 This boat is in amazing condition and is completely set up for cruising. This is quite possibly the best equipped Ericson 29 on the planet. Built in 1972 with super thick fiberglass. She recently made the trip from Long Beach, CA down to Huatulco, Mexico and is...
  5. EKP

    Potential buyer, would appreciate advice.

    Hello all, I've been looking at boats for sale and reading about different makers for quite some time. I've narrowed my search down, and have my eyes on an E29 in Connecticut. Here is a link to the ad: The owner is selling to fund...
  6. O

    Help rigging a spinnaker

    I purchased an E29 this summer with partial spinnaker rigging and want to determine what additional hardware I'll need. I have the spinnaker pole, the mast has a spinnaker ring on the front, there is one 2.5" block mounted on the lower starboard side of the pulpit and 1 car on the starboard...
  7. S

    Ericson 29 v.s. Ericson 27

    Hello! Very new here... I am in the market for a small liveaboard sailboat during college and after. I am living in the SF Bay area and I came across an E27 and an E29... from what I could tell, there isn't much difference. My real question is, is one significantly better than the other...
  8. adam

    Two years of trouble with mainsheet - SOLVED

    Ever since I bought my Ericson 29 almost 2 years ago, I've had trouble with the mainsheet. I've consistently had trouble getting the mainsheet into the cam cleat, and also releasing the sheet from the cam cleat, which felt very dangerous in high winds. I thought the problem was the angle of...
  9. P

    Damaged Pulpit - E-29

    Hi, I have a damaged pulpit on an E-29 (1972). The pulpit is bent on one side and I am not sure if it can be repaired, I am looking into it with a local machine shop. My question is, would this be a custom order to replace or is it a stock item still in production? If custom, any thoughts...