fiberglass repairs

  1. Anchor Locker Labors

    E26-2 Anchor Locker Labors

    Anchor lockers are covered in-depth around here - this is my story of addressing this area. I'm thankful for this community and all the others who did this project before me so I could have a reference. Materials used: ACX Plywood, 1708 fiberglass cloth, TotalBoat polyester resin, Totalboat...
  2. Take Five...  Core Repair Part 2

    E26-2 Take Five... Core Repair Part 2

    Two beautiful days of warm weather allowed me to get a fair amount of work done towards finishing this section of core repair. Materials used: 1708 fiberglass mat, TotalBoat High Performance Epoxy, TotalBoat TotalFair Epoxy Fairing, TotalBoat TotalProtect 2-Part barrier coat (tie-coat) When...
  3. P

    Glass Repair/Bilge Question?

    After my boat co-owner confirmed submerged rock locations, in areas known to have rocks, I decided to do the repair work myself. Boat is up on the hard and I've been grinding away, and have a few questions with what I've found. 1. Grinding down through the keel damage, I eventually hit a hollow...
  4. G10 praise

    O34 G10 praise

    One more close up of the new flange that better shows the G10 fiberglass plate. I used some 3/16" scrap to make up this piece, and it took four pieces. They were joined with an overlay of two layers of light glass cloth on each side. Total thickness ended being about 1/4". For a light duty...
  5. cworley

    1976 E27 Rudder Leak fiberglass damage

    Hello - Not sure how to approach this issue, see picture. The port side rudder obviously is leaking out of the rudder. There is prior evidence of patching, but does not appear to have been any significant cut outs made to explore the "real" problem. I am suspecting that there is rust on the...
  6. C

    Need New Chain Locker Lid and Rub Rail

    I recently bought an Ericson 25' needing some structural fiberglass repairs, primarily along the starboard deck/hull joint – it gets bad toward the bow, and the entire lid to the chain locker is missing. I plan to rebuild the missing section slowly, up and around to the deck, most likely cutting...