1. B

    Fresh Water Head ?

    We are replacing our Raritan head and thought of using just fresh water. The 32-200 has a stern water tank which has never been used on this boat. I assume it is turned off at the pressure water pump?? Anyway would it not work to run the line from the stern tank directly to the Raritan pump and...
  2. F

    Advice please on replacing fresh water circulating pump: 5416

    Hi, The bearings on the fresh water circulating pump on our Universal 5416 16 hp diesel engine are growling, so I think it's time to replace the pump. I have been told that rebuilding it can be a frustrating and sometimes futile process, so was advised to replace. I have a Kubota Tractor...
  3. T

    OK folks - who is heading out (with fresh fuel filters) this weekend?

    And Jeff - did you get her sorted? Need an extra pair of hands?
  4. E

    Fresh Water Leak E-38

    WE had a very cold einter this year in Annapolis. Even though the boat was winterized by the yard I apprently have a split water line from the front bow tank. Has any one replaced the water lines and does any one have a diagram of the water system?
  5. D

    Moving from fresh to salt water ... maybe

    Well, we are contimplating a sailing lifestyle change, out of the Great Lakes to the Chesapeake. Our boat (35/3 1987 ) has always been in fresh water so I need to set her up for a salty life. Any help on her mechanics / electricals /etc.? Thx in advance. Myra and Del s/v Obbligatto 35/3
  6. Kringe

    New Sailor New Boat, fresh woes

    So two of my buddies talked me into taking the new Ericson 25 out today. I knew the motor needed a good once over and had not planned on hoisting a sail since the halyards have a nice little issue with the sheathing coming off and bunching so that the sail cannot actually be raised all the way...
  7. G

    Fresh Water Puzzle

    :confused:My fresh water pump burps and approx. 2 oz. of water runs from the fresh water vent on the galley sink about every 30 sec. or so when I have the fresh water pump on. Any idea what could be causing this? Also, when I open a faucet, the pump cycles on and off every second or so until I...
  8. T

    Universal 5432 Fresh Water Pump Replacement

    The following is FYI for 5432 owners. The fresh water pump (that's the one that circulates the engine coolant not the "raw water pump") began to leak on my 1981 E38. I was concerned it might be the bearings being near failure so wanted to replace it. The cost of a Universal replacement from...
  9. Matey

    Fresh water tank access E32

    I need to replace all my fresh water hoses. I traced them back to both ends of the lower aft sides of the tank. I'm assuming they tee in the middle. My problem is getting to the discharge fitting. The tank is a tight fit and the panels above are nicely screwed down and varnished over .. maybe...
  10. Gmilburn

    Fresh Water Tank Replacement

    Hi all, Over this last weekend, my pressurized fresh water tank cracked around the plug and is useless. (see photo). Im wondering if I can repair it with 5200 adhesive with some fiberglass strips--as Im sure it expands slightly each time the pump pressurizes the tank. Or alternatively, where...
  11. G

    E32-3 Fresh Water Pressure Question

    Hi All. I've noticed when we use our faucets in the galley or head, the water pump cycles on and off every 2 seconds. I understand there is a tube which holds some air pressure to reduce the need to cycle on and off all the time. How can I troubleshoot this to see if a failure here is the...
  12. Loren Beach

    Cockpit Table

    Cockpit Table success story: I thought others might want to view the really *cool* Ericson-built table that I recently bought from another site member. The top and fiddle joinery is identical to the construction of our dining table, so I assume that this circa-1990 table came from the...
  13. T

    Need assistance on fresh water system(s)

    While messing w/ some stuff on Spirit, I inadvertently knocked the switch on the electrical panel for the pressurized water to the "on" position yesterday. To my surprise, the pump fired up--that sound is unmistakable! When we launched Spirit this season, it didn't work & no amount of turning...
  14. Bolo

    Fresh water mystery in E32-3 head

    My wife and I spent the last three days commissioning our new "old" 32 (hull #722) and we're just delighted with our purchase. Like any new boat we been finding some small (thank goodness) surprises that we're not found during survey. However, there is one item in the head that just perplexes...
  15. Mikebat

    Fresh water pump runs continuously

    My fresh water pump (ShurFlo, late 80's model) runs continuously if the breaker is on. It seems to have air on the pressure side, but I have bled at least 10 gallons of water through all the taps, and yet the air is still in there. I checked the intake strainer today, and saw that it had a...
  16. C

    M-25XP Fresh Water Pump

    This past Sunday, cranked up the diesel and heard loud squealing. The belt was running over the fresh water (coolant) recirculating pump which wasn't turning. Tried moving the belt by hand several times, and the pump would move and then seem to hang up. Tried restarting a couple more times...
  17. footrope

    E38 Settee (20 gal.) fresh water tank vent

    I am working on a new vent arrangement for my settee tank. The old vent ran from the tank, which is near the v-berth door - starboard - to the galley sinks, which are aft starboard. Along the way the 1/2" hose was routed through and under cabinetry, as low as the cabin sole, before ending up at...
  18. K

    No (fresh) hot water

    I have E34 1989 with a Universal 25XP diesel. Problem is there is not sufficient flow/pressure from engine fresh water cooling system to heat exchanger in hot water heater. A diesel mechanic has been checking and found: 1. No blockage in hoses from engine to hot water heater. No blockage in...
  19. G

    Universal Engine Cooling (Fresh Water)

    A lot is made in the Manual regarding the raw water pump impeller replacement (including detailed instructions), but nothing is stated regarding the fresh warter pump, which is belt driven. It would seem that this pump is just as vital as the salt water coolant pump - is it bullet-proof, and...
  20. jreddington

    Universal M-15 Fresh Water Conversion?

    My 1984 E-28 has an M-15 engine, (old model no 5411). My owners manual for the engine clearly shows that it is a salt water cooled engine. However, my engine definitely has a cooling circuit with an externally mounted heat exhanger. Did Westerbeke ever make a closed coolant circuit version...