1. A

    Ericson 26-2 rudder gaskets?

    Hi All, I am a very seasoned sailor, just went from a Bristol Corsair 24 to buying an 1984 Ericson 26-2 sailboat. Great boat but I think the last owner might have lost some of the bushings or a gasket or something because the tiller has about n inch or less of play up and down. When I inspect...
  2. mherrcat

    Portlight gaskets

    I am in the process of rebuilding the portlights I got from the parted-out E27. I found some neoprene rubber "edging material" at McMaster-Carr that is the right size to fit the glass and frame channel; part #8057K44. It doesn't have the "lip" that butts up against the frame on the outside of...
  3. mherrcat

    Portlight gaskets

    On the interior side of my fixed portlight there is a 1/2" rubber gasket. It fills a gap/channel in the frame around the glass. It appears to be only cosmetic; not really sealing anything. Is this the case? I looked at the portlights yesterday on the 27 that is being parted out in Long Beach...
  4. A

    port hole gaskets

    help ,the rubber gaskets leak anyone know where to buy replacements for the portholes in the cabin on a 30 ft Independence?
  5. learking

    E29 Window gaskets

    Am resealing leaky windows and would like to replace original gaskets. Removed one yesterday. Does anyone know the manufacturer of this gasket or where a replacement may be purchased? There are two gaskets. The one which surrounds the plate glass definitely needs replacement. It is a...
  6. wheelerwbrian

    Fixedlight Gaskets

    Per requests, I'm moving this thread over to so that the admittedly very crude scan of the gasket section can be included -- this is from my 1988 38-200 with Lewmar ports. The email thread from Sailnet is included below. ______ Either/or. How much do you need? I was able to...
  7. Shadowfax

    Lewmar Port Gaskets

    Greetings All, I have been tracking down replacement gaskets for my Lewmar operating ports. I've talked to a couple of Lewmar retailers who ended up referring me to Lewmar to work out the size I need. After going around with them I am informed that Lewmar made a custom size port for...
  8. C

    E-29 port light gaskets

    Can anyone tell me where to purchase the gasket material that goes around the lexan (glass) of the windows in the E-29?
  9. Razz

    Fixed Port Light Gaskets

    [FONT=Tahoma]You got it, they are leaking. Pac Seacraft doesn't carry the gaskets. Who does? Would it be OK to use the existing gaskets augmented with some 3M goop of some kind? Is there some way to seal them without removing the port frame from the deckhouse, splitting the frame and...