1. S

    E 27 hull thickness - fill and fair old through hull hole.

    I'm curious as to what the thickness of the E27 hull is,I have heard close to an inch but can't seem to find any specs. On another note,I will be doing some hull work and want to move my engine raw water sea cock to an accessible area.For some ungodly reason either the factory or some previous...
  2. Sven

    Surprise, balsa core not sealed in mast hole !

    I was amazed (as was the rigger) to find that the hole cut for the mast some 32 years ago had not been sealed. The exposed balsa core was just sitting there waiting for a slow leak or drip that never came ... thank goodness ! Today we put the first two coats of Smith's on the exposed core...
  3. bayhoss

    Square Peg, Round Hole

    After being on this forum for a very short time it is painfully apparent that unless you are a member of one of the many circles, posting a question is like buying a bow tie for a ghost. Frank E28 Valinor
  4. A

    port hole gaskets

    help ,the rubber gaskets leak anyone know where to buy replacements for the portholes in the cabin on a 30 ft Independence?
  5. Dferr

    Hole pattern, bow cleats

    Does anyone know where I can find new bow cleats for a 1982 E-38 with the same hole pattern.
  6. ChrisS

    water from hole in bilge

    Water in foam part of keel? Today I went down to fix a few small things, including a reinstallation of the bilge pump in the lowest part of the bilge, since the bracket that holds the pump was broken. When I removed the bilge pump bracket by unscrewing four screws, water started coming in...
  7. D

    E29 - hole in mast from corrosion

    I saw a early 70's boat last weekend with corrosion on the mast from where the winches had been. All 6 of the 1/4" bolt holes were corroded as was the whole area. This is the case on both port and strbd sides of the spar. But one of the holes has corroded to the size of a penny and is jagged...
  8. ron7546

    Deckhouse hole reinforcement

    OK- the project is finally coming together.Started last fall gathering material for leading everything aft.BUT-new waterlift system,new AC wiring and etc. trumpted in.The mast plate is in ,the winches are installed with .187" s-s backer plates(which are hidden in the little compartments by the...
  9. treilley

    Hole in boat

    After sanding off the remainder of the barrier coat this weekend, I was surprised to find a hole where the gelcoat is very thin around the rudder tube. It appears there is no glass in this area at all. There is also a hole on the other side as well.
  10. N

    Swimming Hole

    I am looking for a spot in or near San Diego Bay where I can drop an anchor without getting in anyone's way and let a couple of teenage boys from the Midwest go swimming. It will be worth big time bragging rights for them back in Missouri. Any suggestions?
  11. R

    Cabintop hole repair

    We have the regular cabintop leak at dorade/winch pocket in front of mast but worse is poor installation by PO of Force 10 propane heater with 1" flue exiting thru teak winchpads and heat sink at 3" aft of starboard bulkhead. we removed entire unit and now have a 4 1/2" round hole in our...