1. B

    New Life Lines

    It's time to replace my lifelines. I'll be using 3/16 SS coated, and I plan to have JSI in St. Petersburg do them. I'll send my old lines in and reuse what hardware we can safely. Has anyone had any experience with JSI, hopefully they are a good rigger. Thanks for any feedback, or better...
  2. S

    Mounting a life raft

    I'm contemplating buying a life raft in anticipation of retiring next spring and doing some extended cruising to Alaska and spending more time on the offshore coast of the Pacific Northwest than the inside straights. Has anyone installed a canister life raft on an E38? if so, can you tell me...
  3. Jeff Asbury

    Inflatable Life Jacket World Record

    Help Set an Inflatable Life Jacket World Record on May 20. Everyone is invited to grab an inflatable life jacket and take part in setting a world record May 20, as boaters across North America will all inflate PFDs at the same time, at participating locations...
  4. S

    Useful Life of Universal Diesel Engines?

    Can anyone give me input on the useful life, in operating hours, of the diesel engines on '88 Ericson 38 sailboats, assuming reasonable maintenance: oil changes, etc.? I have about 5,000 hours on the engine [mostly light duty motoring in and out of the marina] and need to replace the...
  5. F

    Life expectancy of alternators

    We are planning several sailing trips next summer to places where I likely can't buy parts or get mechanical help, so I'm trying to proactively fix/replace/learn to repair anything I can on our E30+ boat with the 16 hp 5416 engine. Can anyone give me an approximate life span of the 55 amp...
  6. N

    Normal Universal Diesel Engine Life is?

    Hello all. We have a M25 Universal Diesel with 2600 hours on it which I suspect is the original engine from 1986. It starts and runs well. Doesn't leak, overheat or misbehave in any way and I keep up with oil changes and filters. I'm wondering just how much life is a reasonable expectation for...
  7. ChrisS

    life span of a fiberglass hull?

    Isn't it funny the conversations you hear take place at the docks? Last weekend I was walking down the dock with my sliding hatch that I had just had rebuilt, and a guy I don't know too well about eight or ten boats away from mine--a late 80s Irwin, I think--enaged me in conversation. He...
  8. G

    complete set of life lines for E381

    I have upgraded to spectra lifelines and have the old ones for sale. They are a complete set in decent condition. Make an offer. I also have the aft gate stantions as well... I removed them to make an easier access. Cheers, Geoff Nelson E-381 Pau Hana San...
  9. T

    E-27 Life Lines Routing

    I'm the new owner of a 1976 E-27. Replacing the life lines is on the project list. I've read the threads on the this site with interest. There are a couple of issues that seem odd to me. One is the way the life lines are routed inboard of the forward shroud, outboard of the middle shroud...
  10. Q

    standing rigging life span

    Heres a question that I hope is easily answered. What is the average life span of stainless standing rigging in a fresh water enviroment? i believe that my rigging is about 4-5 years old.
  11. J

    Battery life and charging.

    All Having read all the threads on battery life can I assume the following: 1. I should not discharge my batteries below 50%-ever? 2. May I assume, since my boat sits in a slip attached to shore power, that the constant trickle charge will not reduce the effective life? My quest...
  12. M

    life rafts.....location?

    I'm curious as to where folks carry their life rafts. I have a 4 person AVON (non-cannistered) that I carry below decks where my dining table usually sits. Nice that it's low, and centered, but it's a bit heavy to lift into the cockpit, and I'd sure like to have my table back. I'm considering...
  13. S

    New life for old sails: RECUTS

    Many times, a sail which has a hooked leech (headsail) or draft too far aft (main or headsail), or too much/not enough luff curve (main or headsail) can be greatly improved with a savy sailmakers' scissors and sewing machine. Apart from the leech issue-the best candidates for recuts are NOT...
  14. H

    Life jackets

    Has anyone experienced a slow deployment of a self inflating life jacket? We checked everyones before we left and nothing was amiss. Could have been a bad [worse] experience for our main trimmer. Harold S/V Mischief Maker.
  15. Loren Beach

    UV and Thread Life

    We dropped off our '96 model dacron 135 genny at the Seattle UKSails loft (former Halsey/Lidgard loft) a couple days ago. Time for a new sacrificial dacron leach cover and associated stiching. I knew that age and sun exposure would take its toll, and so I called up my friend at the UK loft on...