1. Jeff Asbury

    Two Harbors to Raise Mooring Fees

    Two Harbors to Raise Mooring Fees :mad: Time to start anchoring more.
  2. M

    Ericson 27 for sale W/ Maine mooring

    I've owned Surveyor for two years and have kept her at HandyBoat, Falmouth Maine. Very good boat is a six out of 10 in condition. Tiller steering, 2007 Honda 9.9 . Has all the usual gear associated with the year. Cushions should be recovered but it's cosmetic. Solid boat, hull near perfect. A...
  3. R

    Mooring system setup/design

    Hello All, With the sailing season just around the corner I am in the process of setting up our mooring system for the year. In the past years I have used the system my club has provided, but I am not particularly satisfied with it. Past setup: Two 12ft, 3-strand 3/4" mooring pendants shackled...
  4. C

    san diego mooring question

    Hi, I'm considering buying a boat in San Diego on craisgslist that is being offered with a transfer of mooring at Shelter Island. I'm actually interested in the mooring rather than the boat? I was wondering if anybody had any experience with such a transaction, especially in San Diego Harbor...
  5. E

    Need a mooring

    Anyone have a mushroom of about 300 lbs in good condition that they wish to sell? With or without chain. I can pick up anywhere in the New York to Washington DC corridor. Ernest at 845 323 3109
  6. R

    Dumb mooring questions.....

    Hello All, My E38 is on a mooring this year, which is a first for me. I thought that being on a mooring would be easier than docking..... I was wrong! Getting off the mooring is quite easy, just pull up some slack and drop the pennant, no problem. The problem came when I tried to get the...
  7. O

    Mooring recommendations in N. MA or NH?

    My husband and I are closing (yee-haw!) on an E 32-200 next weekend. Many people on this site helped us with questions we had before we signed a contract... so THANK YOU for your help. We are both so excited. We are looking for a mooring in N. MA or NH and wanted any general opinions of...
  8. Jeff Asbury

    Backing Plates under mooring cleats?

    I just had a professional fiberglass company do some repairs to my cabin sole and bulkhead track on my E-27. The guy who did the work on my boat asked me if I had backing plates under my mooring cleats and I assumed I did. The reason he asked is because he was in the process of repairing the...
  9. J

    mooring pendant - E32-2

    I will be mooring her in the Spring in a bay here in Long Island, the WM catalog and others sell 15' pendants and say to use a pair. Previously, I made the mooring pendants, and would like to do that again, I figured a 3/4" dia line and wonder if 15' is too long/short?