1. PSS Shaft Seal Blowout - A Christmas Story of Sorts

    E32-3 PSS Shaft Seal Blowout - A Christmas Story of Sorts

    I had my holiday close-call, and my most trying experience as a boat owner yet, on Christmas eve. I just took the boat out to warm up the engine so I could do an oil change and winterization. 100 feet off the buoy, I slipped it into reverse and heard a very loud BANG--I thought I’d blown out...
  2. Novice stuffing box analysis, inspection, discussion

    E32-200 Novice stuffing box analysis, inspection, discussion

    A recent forum thread about another member's struggle with his "stuffing box hell" encouraged me to review my own while I have recently had my boat out of the water. As I have said many times, I don't know very much about sailboats and I'm learning everything as I go. A basic problem that...
  3. Special K

    PSS shaft seal on a E28

    I am thinking of installing a PSS shaft seal on my 1986 E28. My questions are these: Does anyone have one installed on a E28? Did you need to drop the rudder to install it? Any special issues in the install? If installed by a yard, how much did it cost installed? Did anyone install it...
  4. D

    PSS for 38-200

    Just wondering if the a PSS shaft seal will fit the 38-200, mine was built in 1988. Any comments from existing users? Thanks, Don Taugher Running Free # 263