1. trickdhat

    Holding tank fitting sealant

    I did a leak test on a new holding tank today. The sender and inlet were fine. The inspection plate had a drip after a few hours, but the vent and outlet did not seal. Both are 90s, so they need to be a specific orientation. Ronco says the fittings should dry seal and I've read if they don't...
  2. Loren Beach

    O-34 Water Tanks

    Just in case anyone needs this answer to win a trivia contest... I have now cut out the tabbing on the plywood piece that held in the aft (factory option) water tank that mounts under the port seat hatch. Turns out that it is an exact duplicate to the inside water tank under the starb. settee...
  3. ChrisS

    Is Ronco Plastics Still in Business?

    I've been trying to call for over three weeks now--the phone rings a few times and then hangs up. I have also e-mailed, but to no avail. Are they still operating?