1. G

    1981 E38 Speed and Depth Sensor

    I am installing new speed and depth transducers in my 1981 E38. When I got the boat they were originally mounted on the port side of the boat about 1 foot from the keel (underneath the rear port dining seat). I would like to install the new ones forward in the hull ahead of the keel. The...
  2. A

    Speed Transducer

    I am upgrading the instruments on my boat this spring and using a Standard Horizon CP 180i as the display for all of my instruments. To make this work, I need to find a new speed transducer. The original is a variable reluctance (2-wire) transducer and I need to find a hall-effect (3 wire)...
  3. F

    Normal cruising speed for different E boats

    Although I no longer enter races, I am a stickler for maximizing boat speed on our E30+. She sails well and I can readily tell when sail trim is correct and she is sailing to her potential, or close to that. I have been pleasantly surprised that she can sail faster than her rated technical...
  4. R

    Recognize this wind speed socket????

    Hi folks - my E29 came with a mast head wind/speed direction socket at the masthead and cable running down the mast but no gauges or sensor. Pics of the socket are attached. There are 5 electrical contacts in the female screw on socket and 1 squarish bigger hole. I'd like to get the sensor and...
  5. S

    Add a Mast Head Wind Speed and Direction Sensor on a E38

    My local boat yard is advising me that it would likely be necessary to remove the mast to place a wind indicator at the mast head of my E38. Is this necessary or can the wiring just be dropped down inside and through from above? Thanks Jeff Hart
  6. J

    Wanted - working Signet SL175 depth sounder/boat speed unit.

    Hi - I am looking for a used but still working SIGNET SL175 depth sounder/boat speed module plus the display. I alreay have the transducer and paddle wheel in place. Thanks any questions, please use private e-mail address. Joe
  7. J

    replacement depth, boat speed and wind speed instruments

    Hi all You may have read my earlier post about my E-28 getting hit by lightning. :esad:SHort story is I had Signet instruments on the boat from the PO and I made the decision to stay with SIgnet because I supposedly could re-use some of the wiring from the depth transducer and paddlewheel and...
  8. HughHarv

    Speed Transducer Brand

    I have a wheel without paddles but don't know what brand I have. There is no obvious logo on the display or on the transducer. Anybody able to identify the brand from this foto?
  9. T

    Top speed of a 25+

    Anyone have an idea of the top speed of a 25+ with stock/original sails is supposed to be? Just curious as to how bad I am at trimming the sails :egrin: Thanks!
  10. R

    Barient 2 speed 21ST issues?

    One of my concerns noted in my survey was play in the drums of the genny winches. I could grab the drum and rock it on the the shaft. The same for both winches. They (as with the rest of the winches) are pretty gummed up so it is hard to tell how this would affect their performance. Deducting...
  11. A

    Yanmar YSB-8 RPM to speed

    I finally installed a Tiny-tach to get an idea of the RPM being turned by my YSB-8. It looks like around 2500rpm at 4.5kts on average on my E-27. I believe the max rpm on the YSB-8 is somewhere around 3200rpm. Does all this sound about right?
  12. D

    E38 with 5432 - Normal rpm and boat speed?

    Recently noticed our E38 seemed a little sluggish under power, GPS indicated 4.7 knots with the throttle wide open... relatively slack water and calm conditions. Engine seems to run fine but rpm will not go over 2100 rpm. Linkage adjustment seems ok, there is no more room to push the...
  13. C

    Wind Speed Indicator

    Does anyone know who the manufacturer is for the 1989 E 38-200??? It is mounted on the port side of the cabin entryway and it's round. If they no longer exist, what would fit the hole or would a square have to be fit into it? Thanks Jay E 38-200 SF Bay
  14. R

    Telcor wind speed and direction

    I would like to buy a series 5100 control module for and old Telcor wind speed and direction setup. Ray Stevens E32-2, #165 stvns@greenbelt. com (301) 513 7293
  15. treilley

    Datamarine wind, speed, depth for sale

    Speed and Dept are instruments only. Wind includes masthead unit that was rebuit by DMI last spring. $400 for the package or $100 for depth gauge S200DL $100 for speed gauge S100KL $200 for wind gauge and masthead unit LX360Q I am also open to reasonable offers.
  16. Guy Stevens

    Barient 2 speed coffee grinder

    In Excellent Shape, no corrosion, recently dissasembled, cleaned, lubed and reassembled per specs. Off of a fresh water boat. Works Perfectly. I can ship, but it would have to go shipping truck. Also I have picked up a set of parts to make it into an electric winch. Motor, mounting and...
  17. D

    Engineering question (speed of water ingress)

    Hi folks, three of us went sailing this afternoon in the South Pugent Sound with an uncharacteristicly constant 12 knot wind, when someone came up with an interesting topic for discussion: "a thru hull seacock 4 feet below the waterline is left open...the water coming into the boat has a...
  18. N

    M25 Speed Adjustments

    Where does one adjust the idle speed on a Universal M25? Sometimes I think I know what I am doing, but now I'm not so sure. The obvious idle speed adjustment is to only adjust the Idle Stop Screw on the top of the governor. See the photo. The other screw is the Full Fuel Stop, I guess. Now my...
  19. M

    Speed difference between Port and starboard tack

    This is going to yet again illustrate my novice status but today I went for a beautiful sail on Lake Ontario. It was a rare fall day- there was a 10-12 knot wind from the southwest with absolutely no waves- the lake was virtually dead calm except for a terrific wind. On my starboard tack I...
  20. G

    E28+ maximum speed

    I have a 1983 E28+ with a 12 hp Universal (closed system cooled) and a 2 blade folding prop and I'd like to know what other E28+ owners are experiencing as far as max speed under power goes. (I recall seeing somewhere information that seemed to indicate a cruising speed of 5.8 knots and a max...