1. S

    Norcold conversion Refrigeration unit

    Hi all, We have a 1976 E-32. We are looking to install a refrigeration system to the icebox. I have looked on-line at various types of units and I am not sure which way to go, evaporator type or cold plate. I am interested in hearing pros and cons of each. I understand the running time of...
  2. T

    Need ST4000 Autopilot Control Unit

    Need ST4000 or ST4000 MkII Raymarine Autopilot Control Unit. Thanks in advance. Tom James 770-361-5578 tomjames60@hotmail.com
  3. J

    Wanted - working Signet SL175 depth sounder/boat speed unit.

    Hi - I am looking for a used but still working SIGNET SL175 depth sounder/boat speed module plus the display. I alreay have the transducer and paddle wheel in place. Thanks any questions, please use private e-mail address. Joe
  4. J

    Fuel Tank Sending Unit 1978 E27

    I need to replace the sending unit on my 1978 E27. Has anyone done the same and have any advice on pitfalls to look out for. I'm also wondering if I need the exact part or if there are universal units. I'm hoping to get the part before removing the current unit. Thank you in advance, James
  5. T

    Data Marine Mast Head Unit repair or replacement

    My original mast head anemometer has slowed to an unbalanced crawl. To make matters worse, a big bird tried to sit on it and when it spun on him, his frantic flapping in getting away, knocked off the directional fin. The dilemma now is what to do. The other original instruments still work well...
  6. B

    Wanted: Raytheon RL 9 Radar Display Unit

    Does anyone have an old Raytheon RL 9 display unit?
  7. S

    Help find WS-1 Mast Unit

    Hello All, I own a Standard Horizon WS-1 Apparent wind Gauge and I know they have not been manafactured in QUITE some time but I need a replacement for the mast unit. Mine has gone bad and I just wanted to see if anyone might have some suggestions beyond having to replace it. Can you get one...
  8. C

    Norcold Compressor Unit Dies

    :boohoo: My little Norcold Compressor Unit died on the Weekend :boohoo: Can not even go in to how this effects the progress of Projects on H-Dock Checked all the simple things...120V breaker / thermostat....even switched over to 12V just to check power on that side :nerd: As anyone has...
  9. K

    1985 Ericson 26 For Sale - A sweet unit!!!

    Price reduced $5,000!!!!. Need to move it. 1985 Ericson 26, Bruce King Design, Hull speed 5 knots, Autopilot: Navico NP - 4000 Signet depth finder with alarm, signet knot meter, rigging new in 1998, sails like a champ. Auxilary inboard Yanmar raw water cooled diesel 1 cylinder, 6.5 HP, works...
  10. J

    Autohelm AH4000 Drive Unit

    Anyone know the secret to getting the two halves of the drive unit (old black ring unit) apart? Most of the ones I have seen are so badly damaged that they fall apart. This one wants to live!
  11. wurzner

    New Radar-Sitex or Furono? What is a Black Box Unit

    I am heavily favoring the Furono 1832 VX2 chart plotter/radar set up likely with the 22 inch radome versus the 18 inch. i'm deliberately staying away from Raymarine because I despise their fixed cost repair approach. With the mount that I purchased on Ernie on this list, I plan on having a...
  12. A

    oil pressure sending unit

    1974 35 II # 325 hi all i need a little help. my oil pressure sending unit went bad. i brought the bad unit with me to napa for a replacement. there weren't any identification markings on the old unit. the replacement unit i purchased (stwart warner)isn't the correct unit. the oil pressure...
  13. F

    Diesel Sending Unit for 1986 38-200

    Hello, I've got a defective diesel sender unit and wonder if anyone can suggest where I can get a new one for my 1986 38-200. I posted this message before without checking the box to allow email responses. Pretty dumb on my part. So please do consider this a new post. Thanks. Frank Z.
  14. F

    Gas Sending Unit for 1986 38-200

    Hello folks, I'm a new member and new Ericson boat owner (in fact, this is my first sailboat!). I'm looking forward to the whole experience. Thanks in advance for welcoming into your world. As you might suspect, there are some items to deal with on my 1986 38-200, though the boat (renamed...
  15. Chris Miller

    Sale:Datamarine 5100 unit and accessories

    I have a Datamarine 5100 unit (circa 1988) with the original remote cockpit unit, speed transducer, and masthead wind transducer for sale. Remote unit completely rebuilt by the Datamarine guys last year. I know there was some interest in some Datamarine stuff recently...
  16. E

    Datamarine Masthead Unit - wanted

    Hi all, I am looking for a masthead unit for a Datamarine wind speed/ apparent wind indicator. Hoping someone has an idea of where one can be purchased at a reasonable price, or even better, someone has a box of old instruments they would like to convert to boat bucks. Thanks...
  17. Mark F

    saildrive lower unit

    Looking for a saildrive lower unit. Do not need engine. Thanks, Mark
  18. G

    DataMarine Wind/Speed Masthead Unit

    My DM W/S cup bearings are shot. I know there has been several threads about places to get them repaired, but was curious of anyone has upgraded their DM instrumentation with some things else and where did the place the actual gauges if they did replace them. I have a 87 E34 with W/S. Apparent...