1. exoduse35

    Wind sensor

    I am considering investing in a Airmar PB 150 Th get my wind speed and direction information. I am interested because of it's having a small size with no moving parts, and additional weather information. It appears to be a perfect solution to the broken transducers that seem to work best as...
  2. S

    wind transponder

    i'm looking for your opinion regarding a wind speed & direction transducer. i'm considering raymarine ST60, tacktick TO33, a model from farallon or one from nexus (22921-1). i've read some of the threads regarding particular systems. some of you have had great experiences while others have not...
  3. R

    Recognize this wind speed socket????

    Hi folks - my E29 came with a mast head wind/speed direction socket at the masthead and cable running down the mast but no gauges or sensor. Pics of the socket are attached. There are 5 electrical contacts in the female screw on socket and 1 squarish bigger hole. I'd like to get the sensor and...
  4. S

    Add a Mast Head Wind Speed and Direction Sensor on a E38

    My local boat yard is advising me that it would likely be necessary to remove the mast to place a wind indicator at the mast head of my E38. Is this necessary or can the wiring just be dropped down inside and through from above? Thanks Jeff Hart
  5. J

    replacement depth, boat speed and wind speed instruments

    Hi all You may have read my earlier post about my E-28 getting hit by lightning. :esad:SHort story is I had Signet instruments on the boat from the PO and I made the decision to stay with SIgnet because I supposedly could re-use some of the wiring from the depth transducer and paddlewheel and...
  6. T

    Whoa - no wind this weekend?

    Just checked and no wind this weekend? What?!?!? How can that be? I've gotten so spoiled already. :egrin:
  7. T

    Getting spoiled by actual wind | When is best sailing season out of Long Beach?

    Hi guys - another very nice day of sailing yesterday and hanging out cleaning up the boat today. Having actual wind is nice, which got me thinking so when is the best sailing season out of the greater Long Beach area?
  8. R

    Time our 35-II got new sails ... but we've changed wind environment. Need advice.

    If you are familiar with the 35-II's handling I really could use some of the groups collective wisdom. Thanks. I have spent the last 5 years slowly rehabbing our 1976 35-II (electrical, plumbing, deck re-core, standing & running rigging are finally done) and it is now time to replace the...
  9. T

    Wind in Long Beach / Wilmington vs Dana Point

    Hi folks - I have a 25+ that I'm not using because I've found the wind in the Dana Point area where I keep her to be, lousy. Now I'll be the first to admit that I'm still a newbie, and my light air skills are probably marginal. That said every time I sailed with friends out of the Long Beach...
  10. C

    Wind Speed Indicator

    Does anyone know who the manufacturer is for the 1989 E 38-200??? It is mounted on the port side of the cabin entryway and it's round. If they no longer exist, what would fit the hole or would a square have to be fit into it? Thanks Jay E 38-200 SF Bay
  11. R

    Telcor wind speed and direction

    I would like to buy a series 5100 control module for and old Telcor wind speed and direction setup. Ray Stevens E32-2, #165 stvns@greenbelt. com (301) 513 7293
  12. Sven

    Berserker bash wind speeds and flipped boat pics ?

    Did any of you happen to see or hear what the max wind gusts were during the strange evening wind bursts ? I'm talking about the evening during the gathering in the Isthmus, Wednesday night ? Did any of you get any pics of the "Whaler" that was lifted up and flipped ? I assume it wasn't...
  13. treilley

    Datamarine wind, speed, depth for sale

    Speed and Dept are instruments only. Wind includes masthead unit that was rebuit by DMI last spring. $400 for the package or $100 for depth gauge S200DL $100 for speed gauge S100KL $200 for wind gauge and masthead unit LX360Q I am also open to reasonable offers.
  14. Sven

    Finally got to take our E39-B out in some wind

    A beautiful Friday ! We've had light winds every time we've been out in the past so this weekend was a nice change (but not too much change until we get the standing rigging replaced). The wind speed instrument seems to need some calibration, but I'd guess we had about 8 to 10 m/sec or...
  15. Leon Sheean

    Navman Wind 3100 failure

    After 17 seasons my Datamarine wind speed masthead unit failed, and I was informed that it was not repairable. I bought a Navman 3100 and it worked well for one season. The Navico folks were nice enough to replace first the display and then the mast head units when the system stopped working...
  16. R

    Telcor wind indicator

    My 1970 E32 has a Telcor wind speed/direction setup. It looks like a really neat thing except that it does not work. I phoned Telcor in California and all I got was that they no longer support this old system. Does anyone here know anything about the Telcor, especially does anyone have a...
  17. jmcpeak

    Lake Michigan Surface Wind Forecast Guidance

    Surface Wind Forecast Guidance This wind animation depicts forecasted hourly surface (10m above the water) winds for the next 30 hours. If you go up a level by selecting the link on the left side "Return to GLOFS" there is the same...
  18. C

    CapeHorn Wind Vane Ericson 38

    I'm working with the famous Yves of Cape-Horn Windvanes as I wish to install a Cape-Horn Vane on my Ericson 38 Synchronicity. The question has been possed- What is the area of the Rudder... Would anyone have the answer to this question. I have 1982 Ericson 38' with the 4' 11" draft. Does...
  19. bigtyme805

    TACKTICK or NEXUS Wireless Wind Instruments

    I am considering the purchase of one these products, leaning toward the TackTick because of the thousands of units they have sold. Does anyone on our list have one of these products on their boat or have had experience with it? Someone on this list stated that they had solar problems...
  20. mark reed

    wanted to borrow: Datamarine masthead wind instrument

    I had all my in-mast wiring replaced this spring, and subsequently my Datamarine wind speed and direction instrument does not work. The yard claims that my masthead transducer is at fault. Before I decide whether to overhaul my old transducer or purchase a new one, I would like to borrow someone...