2019 PNW Anacortes – Participant Sign Up

Loren Beach

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Perhaps a silly idea

Long Shot.... but call the restaurant where you "maybe perhaps" left the phone and ask them if they can listen for.... the sound of your rring tone when you use another phone and dial your own cell number.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
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With Thanks and Appreciation!

Thank you to those who organized and brought the Ericson Clan together! What a great group of people and boats, and I loved meeting each of you.

Marlin and I were given the end of the day catch of shrimp from a commercial shrimper at the docks as we were walking by, so we sautéed them in garlic butter and brought them to the potluck. Attached is a photo of Colin, Scott’s son, playing with his dinner!

Thinking of each of you as we all parted to other islands, home, new adventures. Miss you, and ready to sign up and help in any way for 2020! See you next year. Good health, fair winds and smooth sailing for all!

Boat: Swallow
named after Arthur Ransome’s 1930 book series beginning with “Swallows and Amazons”

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Loren Beach

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No photo attached, but the Swallows & Amazons series was a favorite of mine, growing up.
His non fiction books are good reading also.

Sean Engle

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Hey Guys...

Sorry we missed the Rendezvous this year -- I have had my head into work so much that I've noticed too little going by.

I hope you guys had a good time and that the Anacortes location was good for you all.

Hopefully we'll be at the next one! :esad:


Kevin A Wright

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E25+ sighting

Mola Mola may be a last minute addition to the rendezvous. I just talked with the marina representative, and she said she would try to fit us in with the rest of the Ericson group. She's going to call back later to let me know. I"ll update the group when I get the information.

Scott, Cynthia, and Colin
Mola Mola, E-25+
Hey Scott, was that you I saw heading South through the Port Townsend Cut Friday morning? Jeri and I were heading for Langley for the weekend.

Kevin Wright
E35 Hydro Therapy

Scott B.

Re: E25+ sighting


Yes...that was me returning Mola Mola to Kingston after our post-rendezvous cruise around the San Juan Islands. Afterwards my wife and son drove home from Anacortes, while I made the trek across the Strait of Juan de Fuca and down the Sound -- where our paths briefly merged along the way. That's a nice looking Ericson you have.


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revisiting 2019

I seem to have lost my list of attendees at the 2019 Rendezvous, and... being more than a little OCD, that bugs me

I remember:
-- Achates / Tom and Karin / E38
-- Gloria Jean / Jim and Gloria / E35-3
-- Makana / [me] / E32-3
-- Mischief Maker / Harold and Jesse / [yeah, yeah, stinkpot, whatever]
-- Mola Mola / Scott, Cynthia and Colin / E25+
-- Second Star / David and Launi / E28
-- Sorceror / Shaun / E38
-- Swallow (formerly Kai Mana) / Marlin and Virginia / E34
-- Valhalla / Kevin / E38

Plus, by land
-- Loren and Kathy (O-34)
-- Hallie (E26?)

I have in my notes that some other boats planned togo, but I didn't remember seeing them
-- Dawntreader
-- Triocha

Who am I missing? I thought we had, like, 12 boats....?

And, did anyone grab any group photos? (I remember there were a few group shots at breakfast one morning, anyone happen to get photos at the potluck?)

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