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Nowadays my insurer requires that the backside of the AC part of the power distribution panel be covered to prevent incidental contact when the panel is dropped open for inspection/servicing. I always was a bit nervous about this anyway, and the last survey included a requirement to make this (long overdue) upgrade!
I made up a cardboard pattern in the proper shape, and then flattened it and produced a drawing with mounting holes marked and bend lines dotted in. TAP Plastics inexpensively cut and bent it, and drilled it, and flame-smoothed the edges. Easy and quick for them to do in acrylic.

I drilled some shallow holes and mounted it from the backside so that no screws come all the way through to the front. Now I do not have to unplug shorepower while the panel is open -- although caution is still the watchword. :oops:

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