Add a fuel pump?

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One of my winter tasks was to get the (diesel) fuel tank on my boat cleaned out and the fuel polished. I have owned the boat for 8 years, use very little fuel each season, keep the tank full, and always used a biocide. I don't know what the PO did. One of the things the yard recommended was to add an electric fuel pump to help in bleeding the engine (1983 Universal 5411). Can you recommend a specific pump for this use and some idea how involved a job adding it is? Also, are there any primary filters that include a manual pump or squeeze bulb for bleeding the system? I appreciate any suggestions here. (BTW the fuel tank had a very thick layer of sludge at the bottom and the pick up tube was nearly clogged with it.) Thanks.


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There was a lengthy thread here recently regarding Facet fuel pumps, which seem to be common in Ericson diesel applications. I think it would be simple to add it to the system. Mine is between my primary water separating filter and the secondary fuel filter on the engine.

Aircraft Spruce seems to have good prices, but I didn't see all the models that were in Maine Sail's lists. I imagine they can get anything that isn't listed on their website.
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