1. A Temporary Janky Tanky

    E32-3 A Temporary Janky Tanky

    SV Rumour had a leak in her diesel tank. Not surprising after 3/16" aluminum sat on and rubbed and vibrated against the raw fiberglass hull for about 38 years. You'll find quite a few threads in the forums here with folks finding pinhole leaks in their aging tanks. Taking the tank out was a...
  2. M-25 Recirculating Fuel Bleed Assembly

    E32-3 M-25 Recirculating Fuel Bleed Assembly

    Fuel Bleed Basics Bleeding the air out of the fuel lines is something every marine diesel engine owner eventually has to deal with. Changing fuel filters is a typical trigger for obtaining air bubbles in the fuel lines. But, one might also get lucky and have an operational issue while under way...
  3. Oil and Fuel filters Change

    E381 Oil and Fuel filters Change

    An updated Table of Contents for the Thelonious Blog is here. Recent entries do not appear in the blog module. The routine of changing the oil on a sailboat is familiar, but how necessary it is is a good question. I seem to change the oil on my Universal 5432 four-cylinder diesel every 100...
  4. S

    Fuel pump does not run when key is turned

    Hello, When I turn the ignition key in my 1989 E28, Universal M2-12, the electric fuel pump is supposed to run, correct? Mine does not; has anyone had experience with this? The background of the question: My engine was running great when I decided to drain the primary fuel filter bowl for the...
  5. C

    1978 E27 Fuel Indicator

    Hey! I need to replace my fuel indicator because the receiver wire is missing. I attempted to take it out but gas started to slowly come out so i stopped. I guess i still had some fuel in the tank . Does anyone happen to know the length of the fuel indicator? OR does anyone have a...
  6. B

    Elco 9.9 Electric Outboard: Yes, I am buying it.

    Hi all...coming from a 1963 wooden Star moored in swim-able waters and now owning a E27 at with all that fiberglass opportunity plus living aboard at a marina on the Puget Sound.... Took out the Atomic 4, rusted, half disassembled and missing the carburetor...gas tank was foamed in (yikes) and...
  7. N

    Racor Fuel Filter Plugs?

    Our E32 with an M25 Universal has a Racor Fuel Filter with a 2 micron R24S element. The top of the filter has 3 white plugs/knobs. I have never disturbed them and just changed the R24S element regularily. But these plugs/knobs must have a purpose. Can someone please educate me on the porpose of...
  8. Rick R.

    Fake Fuel Gauge? A Modern Mystery

    I removed my fuel guage today so I could order a replacement and when I took out the two screws I realized it was a fake gauge with no conection to the inside of the tank. Where is your fuel gauge? Mine is under the mattress in the aft cabin. There was nothing underneath but a cap...
  9. Rick R.

    Replacement Fuel Guage for 1989 32-200

    Took a look at the fuel gauge on the tank in the aft berth this morning and the arrow is missing. Can anyone tell me where to find the replacement? It looks to be mechanical vs electric. Thanks in advance.
  10. T

    e29 fuel leak?

    So we had a race Saturday and I ended up with about 2+ gallons of diesel fuel under my engine. I syphoned it out along with about a gallon in the area where the stuffing box is. I recently took out the tank to clean it, and I think somehow the lines drained into the stuffing box area and when...
  11. T

    E 29 fuel tank!

    Alright troops! I have been cleaning out my e 29 fuel tank. I got it off the boat and have been running diesel thru it. It is nasty! After about 7 gallons its starting to come clearer. I have been told the way to go is maybe taking it to a radiator shop to have it flushed out. Any ideas...
  12. J

    Somebody stole my fuel - locking gas cap ideas?

    After filling the tank the last time I was at the boat, I came back down this past week and motored into Oriental Town Harbour. The area was pretty busy due to the Inland Waterway (chandlery) store going out of business with everything 50% off, so I had to tie up at the fuel dock. When I came...
  13. steven

    gas fuel tank

    I'm pretty sure that the annoying behavior of my A4 (stalling at mid throttle, then ok if nursed through) is bad fuel - and since I use only good fuel, it might be four decades of crud in the tank. So instead of replacing the engine (which is well maintained and actually runs fine except for...
  14. bigd14

    E27 Fuel Fill- Where to locate

    I am debating where to install the fuel fill. I am currently thinking of using a 12 gallon tank under the cockpit (I have a cutout with an outboard but want to keep the fuel tank out of the cockpit). The easiest location from an installation standpoint would be on the cockpit sole where it was...
  15. G

    Add a fuel pump?

    One of my winter tasks was to get the (diesel) fuel tank on my boat cleaned out and the fuel polished. I have owned the boat for 8 years, use very little fuel each season, keep the tank full, and always used a biocide. I don't know what the PO did. One of the things the yard recommended was...
  16. S

    Fuel system problem

    I have a problem that I could use some help understanding. I am not getting fuel to the injectors on my Universal M25. I have a facet lift pump that takes fuel from the tank and forwards it to the fuel filter and then on to the injector "pump" on the engine where there is a bleed point. The...
  17. G

    Universal 5432 - Parts and fuel lift pump with primer handle

    Just spent some time at my local Kubota parts dealer. Learned the Universal 5432 is based on the Kubota V5101 also used in the Kubota L345 Tractor. Most engine components are available direct from Kubota parts dealer, at a much reduced cost than many marine supply alternatives. <?xml:namespace...
  18. F

    Results of fuel filter change--should it affect frequency?

    Hi, I changed the Racor primary fuel filter, secondary fuel filter and replaced the electric fuel lift pump on our 1984 E30+ today, and was a bit surprised at what I found. The Racor filter had been replaced two years ago, 311 engine hours ago (total engine hours now are 1023). The clear...
  19. F

    Need advice on electric fuel lift pump

    Hi, I have read the various posts on these pumps, but still need some expert advice, please. I want to replace the electric fuel lift pump on our Universal 5416 16 hp diesel engine. The original is a Facet 574 A cylindrical pump, about 4 inches high and about 2 inches in diameter with the...
  20. footrope

    Racor 120-Series Fuel Filter/Water Separator

    Good morning all. I have a Racor 120 fuel filter in the engine compartment and it is the model that has the dual NPT inlets and outlets. Only one of the inlet/outlet pairs are used and the other pair is blocked with the plastic plugs that I assume came with the unit when it was new. The...
  21. Loren Beach

    Fuel Filter Change Frequency

    I got to pondering this and did a search on Racor (seemed like a good place to start...) on our site and could not quickly find relevant threads about changing filters, etc. :confused: The pondering started with a reading of this lengthly thread on another sailing site. The commentary and pics...
  22. adam

    Fuel shutoff extension? remote?

    Every time that I startup or turn off the engine (Atomic 4) on my Ericson 29, I have to remove the ladder, move things off of the cushion, and lift up or move the cushion before removing the engine cover in order to get to the fuel shutoff valve. It would be so much more convenient, if I could...
  23. B

    Diesel Fuel Hose

    I've had problems over the years knowing when my fuel tank is actually full. Yes I have a gauge and it does work. It would be nice though to see when the tank is full and I was wondering if it would be possible to replace the diesel fuel filler hose with a thick clear plastic hose. Or maybe just...
  24. J

    BG 44K fuel addative

    A sailing friend recommended using BG 44K in my Universal Diesel fuel . He said he uses it in his Mercedes diesel and said it corrected a rough idle problem, keeps the fuel system and injectors clean. Any comments?
  25. I

    Fuel Tank - 35 MkII

    I have a 1974 Ericson 35 Mk 2 and am in the process of replacing my original Atomic 4 with a new Beta Marine 25. I am wanting to install a fuel gauge in my original 22 gal. steel fuel tank but before I drill a hole to install that, does anyone know if the original tanks came with baffles or is...
  26. F

    Cleaning filter/screen on Facet fuel pump

    Hi, A recent post here mentioned that the bolt on the bottom of the older cylindrical Facet fuel lift pump (model 574A) can be removed to get at a screen/filter that should be cleaned periodically. I have done a search, but can't find any details on how this is done. Is this as simple as...
  27. J

    Atomic 4 fuel consumption?

    A friend of mine has just become the new owner of a 1975 E-35 (Mk 1? Mk 11?) His name is Tony. He has not joined here yet (not a big computer/internet guy) but I am trying to get him joined up here as it is a fantastic resource, especially for a new owner. I went over to check the boat out...
  28. F

    Electric fuel pump question...

    I would like to replace the original electric fuel lift pump on our 1984 E30+ with the 5416 model 16 hp universal diesel engine. The existing one still works, but I understand they can fail without warning, so I think I'll replace it and keep this one as a spare (if that's not a good idea...
  29. steven

    E35-2 fuel tank

    My fuel tank is in good condition, except there is corrosion in the forward starb. corner. Anyone know if this can be corrected without removing the tank (or the engine)? For example, is there some sort of gloop that can be added though the fill? I think it is the original and made of Monel...
  30. C

    Ericson 29 fuel tank

    I was wondering if anyone has an accurate guage of the amount of fuel used in the E29 tank by taking a measure of inches down from full. The tank is sloped so if is quite difficult to guage how much is left in the tank. I know, from a friend, that someone has done this calculation for the Tartan...
  31. T

    OK folks - who is heading out (with fresh fuel filters) this weekend?

    And Jeff - did you get her sorted? Need an extra pair of hands?
  32. S

    Racor 220 fuel filter

    When changing out the rancor 220 fuel filter / separator element is it necessary to fill the filter unit/ sediment bowel with diesel before trying to bleed the system of air? My lift pump has no pump lever and I believe when the ignition is turned to on it activates the pump on my 1989 M-30...
  33. J

    Fuel Tank Sending Unit 1978 E27

    I need to replace the sending unit on my 1978 E27. Has anyone done the same and have any advice on pitfalls to look out for. I'm also wondering if I need the exact part or if there are universal units. I'm hoping to get the part before removing the current unit. Thank you in advance, James
  34. A

    Removing a fuel tank

    I have a 1976 Ericson 27 with a leaking fuel tank. I need to replace it but it is too big for the opening in the lazarette so i have to cut it up and remove in pieces. Before I go drilling and sawing the tank I want to make sure I am not going to explode. The tank is empty and I don't smell much...
  35. bayhoss

    Electric fuel pump / lift pump

    Hello everyone. It's time to replace the orginal fuel pump for my M12. Anyone out there that has a good source the help would be warmly recieved. NAPA has a pump for about $50.00 the pressure range is 4# - 7# I think the orginal is 6#-8#. Anyone ever use one? Best, Frank
  36. davisr

    E23-E27 fuel tank ventilation

    Many with E23s and E25s have outboard motors. Some E26 and E27 owners do as well. I'm curious to know how many owners out there stow their fuel tank (or tanks) in the cockpit, near the motor. The fellow I bought my E25 from stowed his portable fuel tank in the starboard cockpit locker. When I...
  37. C Masone

    E32-3 fuel pump / filter location

    My Racor filter and lift pump are in an awful position to get at, any one have ideas on the best place to move them? Pics possibly? Just added this pic of my pump, it needs to be where it can be seen.
  38. wheelerwbrian

    Racor Fuel Water Separator

    I have a Racor 220 fuel water separator on my 1988 E-38, supporting my Universal M-40. Unfortunately the bowl has a hairline crack that is pulling air into the fuel system -- I can see the stream of bubbles. A direct replacement for the bowl (RK20135) is $85.15 - for a piece of plastic! And...
  39. P

    fuel filter priming

    I never replaced my own fuel filter on my Atomic 4. I have a Fram cartridge type filter right near the tank. I have heard that it's hard to bleed the air out after replacing...........so does anyone know how I could easily do it?? Does the priming lever alone do the trick?? Thanks, tired of...
  40. V

    Fuel Gauge Function

    On my 30+ the fuel gauge started only working if it was over half full. Then it stopped working all together. I naively hoped it was just a gauge problem since West Marine had them on sale for $20. No such luck. When the power is applied to the gauge it actually dips a bit more negative. I...
  41. R

    Universal 5432/M40 fuel system question

    Hello All, If you have a Universal 5432/M40 I would like to know the sequence/path of the fuel to the engine. I know the late model M40 has an electric lift pump while the 5432 "should" not. That said, I know "some" M40's have a mechanical pump on the engine, just like my 5432. The fuel...
  42. S

    Help on fuel sender problem

    I have had to replace the sender on my 87 E34 twice in 9 years. The last one was installed 2 years ago. I now have an intermittent FULL indicator problem. If reads beyond full for minutes to many minutes to hours after the switch is turned on. I have done the usual diag (seen elsewhere on the...
  43. larossa

    Diesel Fuel

    Hello All, I was wondering if there was a difference between the diesel fuel you get at the local marina and the diesel fuel you would get at the truck stop. If there is a difference what would be better for your boat diesel auxiliary? Thanks, Brian E31C Nemo Metro Detroit
  44. Tom Metzger

    Fuel filters

    There have been lots of threads about filters, and lately one starting off about fuel pumps, that referred to the filter ratings of the Universal diesel fuel filter. Most of the info reported is hearsay and peaked my curiosity. Because I found it difficult to find ratings I believed, except...
  45. Loren Beach

    Electric Fuel Pump trouble shooting

    http://www.ericsonyachts.org/infoexchange/showthread.php?t=3404&highlight=facet Rather than patching on some more fixit information to this prior electric fuel pump thread, I will just reference it first. I just changed fuel pumps (again) and now have a new Facet (aka Universal) electric pump...
  46. T

    Fuel Consumption for E-38 W/5432?

    I read the thread on the E-35 and it seems the consensus was about 3/4 gal per hour but it sounded like most people were say "yeah that sounds about right". I'm hoping to find someone with an E-38 with the Universal 5432 that can say something like "On our trip to XX we averaged XX/hour" I'm...
  47. J

    Sponge in fuel tank

    Last Fall I dropped a water absorbing sponge in the fuel tank. Have fished around but I can't find it to get it out. Any ideas if it will contaminate the diesel fuel or clog the fuel intake? John Wressell
  48. A

    Fuel consumption on E-35 MKIII Universal?

    I just purchased an E-35 MK III which has the Universal model 25 diesel. I'm planning to sail her from the west coast of Florida to her new home on the east coast of Florida, so I want to get an idea of what kind of fuel consumption to expect when motoring. I know there are many variables to...
  49. Sven

    Improvised fuel polishing system

    When we got the diesel "service" a week ago the mechanic advised us that we have an algae problem. He said there was mud in the primary filter and we should take care of it before any major excursions. A built-in fuel polishing system is definitely on the to-do list, but I didn't want to...
  50. J

    Sponge In Fuel Tank

    While trying to get some water out of the fuel tank the water absorb. sponge fell in. This is on a E35, Mark III with a 4or 5" access port on the top of the tank. Fished around with a coat hanger with a couple of fish hooks on the end but no luck. Would appreciate any suggestions on how to...
  51. J

    Fuel tank pickup tube

    Our 36C fuel tank is set under the aft cabin bunk and holds about 45 gallons. The tanks bottom follows the contour of the outside hull and is thus sloped up and away from the rigid pickup tube at the aft end of the tank. I hope I'm not the only one who finds that motor sailing is not an evil...
  52. W

    Fuel Tank E 32

    Hi folks, I have a leaky fuel tank on my 1985 e 32 mk lll. 18 gal aluminum tank. Can we still get a replacement from the original manufacturer? Should I look at having someone custom make a new one? The boat yard in Sausalito is asking between $800-1150 for a new one. Way too much!! Any help...
  53. simdim

    Gas primary water separating fuel filter on diesel

    Folks, Just bought a '79 e29 that was converted to diesel from gas (in '87) and discovered that water separating fuel filter clearly states "gas only" -Racor S3213. Previous owner who had her for 6 years never changed the filter - should i worry? Should I replace it with appropriate made for...
  54. R

    Fuel flow questions

    As part of my continuing program of looking for trouble I have noticed that there is no fuel flowing through the return line to the tank. There is not even a drop of fuel flowing after 3-5 minutes of full throttle operation or at idle. Everything I have read says that the engine pumps more...
  55. D

    Mechanical Fuel Pump Universal 5432 Concerns/Questions:

    Experienced a fuel problem this past weekend --- engine stalled shortly after powering off the mooring. Looking at the primary filter (RACOR glass bowl type) it appeared air was entering the system - I traced back to the fuel tank where I found the dip tube had cracked right at the fitting...
  56. M

    fuel level on e27

    my 1975 e27 has no fuel gauge, telling me how much fuel is in the aft port metal tank. Does any one know of an economical way for me to occasionally measure the level of the fuel? I'm wondering if some sort of dip stick would work, or something 'sensitive' to density stuck on the side of...
  57. Sean Engle

    Fuel Prices: Sailing v. Powerboating

    Hi Everyone - I've not seen a thread on this yet - so I thought I would toss this out for discussion: With the increase in fuel costs, what changes out on the water have you noticed with respect to the number of powerboats you've seen, and what knowledge do you have of your current boating...
  58. mherrcat

    E30+ more fuel tank and water heater questions.

    Just removed the hot water heater on my E30+ in preparation for replacing the fuel tank. In the engine coolant supply/return lines to the water heater there is an accumulation tank. After removing the water heater I just closed the circuit so coolant would continue to run through the...
  59. S

    Diesel Fuel additives

    Hello Vikings Our new boat(Catalina 42) has a Yanmar 50hp Diesel. My 74 E35 MKII has had an Atomic 4 gas engine all these years so I have never had to learn about the care and feeding of a marine diesel engine. Where can I find info about additives? I have talked to people and they use them...
  60. mherrcat

    1985 E30+ fuel tank measurements.

    Does anyone have all the dimensions of the 1985 E30+ fuel tank? (Were they the same on all year models?) It looks like we are going to have to replace ours. I spoke to Berry Sheet Metal in Costa Mesa about a replacement. He thinks he has the original plans for the tank but will have to check...
  61. L

    Dinghy Motor Fuel Container

    Hello, All- We just bought a brand new Honda 2hp for the dink and I want to be real good to it. My question is, I have a fuel jug that I've used in the past for the old 2 stroke outboard so it held a fuel/oil mix. I like this fuel container because it doesn't use the newer, supposedly...
  62. O

    Ericson 38 fuel supply in rough weather

    Hello everyone, Last fall, the day after Thanksgiving, while completing a long, very cold, and very rough trip from our summer port of Mystic, Ct to our winter haulout up the CT river in Haddam, CT we experienced a fuel supply issue with our 1989 38-200, and I'm wondering if anyone has had...
  63. J

    Diesel fuel in the bilge

    In doing my spring clean-up in my 1983 E-28+ I found that what I thought was a small amount of spilled engine oil in the bilge turns out to definitely be diesel fuel (the odor is a dead give-away). There is no oil in the engine compartment beside some that I had previously spilled, and thought I...
  64. D

    Easier fuel line bleeding

    We replaced fuel filters for the first time on my recently purchased E-38 a couple weeks ago. The engine mounted filter housing has a bleed valve on the top which requires climbing into the starboard lazarette to access...after unloading everything IN the lazarette and lifting out the big slide...
  65. C

    E35II Fuel Tank Replacement Drawings

    Here it is....the Design Drawings for an E35II Fuel Tank Replacement :nerd: The footprint is the same as the Original and increases the height by 6". This provides an increased 15ga of capacity to a 37ga total. The construction is 3/16" welded aluminum. The fill is moved from the Cockpit...
  66. S

    Repair to fuel tank: '87 E34

    The diesel fuel tank in my 1987 E34 developed a small hole in the lowest part of the tank - forward end, just at the lower v part. I poked it an expanded it to about 1/8" or smaller. I cleaned the tank and it looks good from inside, as I peer in. Can a new tank be bought today? What about...
  67. B

    Fuel Gage

    Has anyone out there successfully installed any type of fuel level indicator, gage or the like in an E27 with A4 and aluminum fuel tank?? Any suggestions would be of great help.
  68. N

    1977 e27 fuel tank

    looking for some insite, on a 1977 E27, what was the fuel tank made of, I tested the tank with a maganet, and it did not stick, but I'm not sure if that year and model was fitted with Monel steel, stainless or aluminum. if any body out there has any info , I would greatly appreciate the help...
  69. T

    Possible leak in fuel tank

    Any cost estimates for changing out the fuel tan on an E35?
  70. S

    dirty fuel

    i am experiencing some dirty exhaust fume stains on my transom. The engine of my E-38 is running fine. Fact is I just finished a 600 mile trip up to Lake Huron and back to my home port of Sandusky, Ohio where I motored for about 60 hours without incident. My engine is a universal M-40 with a...
  71. B

    E35 II Fuel Tank

    I just bought a 1973 E35-2. The previous owner had disclosed that the fuel tank was replaced and since has had a problem with the newer Kubota diesel sucking in air when the tank gets below about 10 gallons. He claimed that the 25 gallon tank was un-baffeled but the surveyor felt like this...
  72. K

    HELP?? Diesel Fuel in Engine Bilge 38-200

    Hello All: After a couple months of elbow grease & TLC, we are on the 1st voyage on NAKESA, our new 1988 38-200 (with a Universal 32 hp), & have a perplexing problem. The engine bilge is filling with about 1" of liquid - pink in colour & a bit oily - could be diluted diesel - source is a...
  73. J

    Fuel Gauge

    Does anyone know how the fuel gauge operates on the control panel of an Ericson 30+ with a 5416 Universal engine. When removing the panel there is no connection from the fuel gauge to the tank. when looking at the gauge and what seems to be the place where the tank sensor is it would seem that...
  74. D

    E-27 Fuel tank

    While recently installing a new sending unit for my '79 E-27's fuel gauge, I accidentally dropped one of the screws from the circular plate holding it to the tank INTO the tank. It goes without saying that it would be a good idea to pull the tank and rinse it out. Although it appears to be the...
  75. Loren Beach

    Fuel Tank Ground Wire / Mystery

    This is a little story about a mystery wire on an '88 boat with a Universal M25XP. This tale is also kind of a further step from last year's fuel line replacement project. A major part of that adventure was relocating the supply and return lines from under the cabin sole to a different route to...
  76. Randy Rutledge

    fuel tank failure on E29

    I finally got the nerve up to cut the lowest tip off the gas tank on RUMKIN my E29. I used a hacksaw to cut the welds and a bone saw to finish the cuts across the plate aluminum. It was necessary to remove about four inches of the deepest part to remove the tank from the boat. I am including...
  77. Randy Rutledge

    E29 fuel tank removal

    I finally got the nerve up to cut the lowest tip off the gas tank on RUMKIN my E29. I used a hacksaw to cut the welds and a bone saw to finish the cuts across the plate aluminum. It was necessary to remove about four inches of the deepest part to remove the tank from the boat. I am...
  78. Y

    removal of fuel tank, '85 Ericson 38

    Our 38 E fuel tank ruptured in the out islands of the Bahamas...we are limping back to St. Marys GA to haul out on a tempo tank in the quarter berth. Anyone have experience taking out the 59 gal tank under the qaurter berth??
  79. J

    E35-2 fuel tank removal

    I have a 1979 Ericson 35-2 that has a leaking diesel tank. The tank is located behind the engine under the cockpit. Has anyone replaced this type of tank? How is this accomplished? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, John
  80. S

    Tempo Underdeck Fuel Tank

    All, I have been looking for a underdeck fuel tank forever. I have bargin priced all over the place. Well I just bought a new one at Basspro.com. 12 Gallon Tempo Tank for less than $90.00 shipping included. I priced the same tank for $169.00 at West and Boaters World. Here is the...
  81. W

    E38 leaky fuel tank (This website foretells my future grief all too well)

    I recall reading a thread that Rob Thomas did last year on a leaky fuel tank in this E38 thinking to myself…what a rotten job that would be. Well, I just finished cutting out the quarter berth floor and pumped out 40 gallons diesel into pile of jerry cans. That thread with all the pics...
  82. Randy Rutledge

    29 fuel tank removal

    There have been several suggestions as how to remove the glass lay-up over the tabs on the fuel tank. I decided to try a different approach. I used my cordless drill to drill a starter hole in the glass over the aluminum tab (drilling over the aluminum tab will keep you form drilling through...
  83. Dferr

    solid fuel Cabin heater.

    I noticed the earlier E-38s came with a solid fuel cabin heater. Are any of you guys using them? Are they safe?
  84. F

    1986 38-200 fuel tank feed faulty

    Hello, I've had a persistent problem with the fuel tank at about half full not feeding fuel to the engine in rough seas, especially on a starboard tack. The engine will quit as if out of fuel, when I know I've got 20 gallons or so left. Once the boat levels out, I can restart the engine...
  85. treilley

    Fuel tank in E35-III

    I removed the quarterberth top this weekend so I can remove the fuel tank for inspection and cleaning. The PO claimed that he had the tank removed and welded to repair a leak in the lower corner. I found that the tank is tabbed down on 3 sides with FG cloth. Is this stock or did someone add...
  86. J

    Suggestions for securing fuel tank

    Hello, I just picked up an 18 gallon Tempo tank to replace the original steel tank in my E27. The original tank was held in with a couple of pieces of plywood that were fiberglassed to the inside of the hull and also fiberglassed directly to the tank. It is my understanding that fiberglass...
  87. R

    e-39 fuel tank

    Anyone ever removed a fuel tank from an e-39? (1972 vintage) In absence of advice, any new (new to me anyways) curse words would be appreciated. I'm sure to need at least some of them.
  88. C

    Magical Fuel Pump SetUp

    Here is a 12V Fuel Pump SetUp that allows you to Fill Filter and Purge on filter change, Purge Air from hoses at engine, Transfer Fuel and use your Fuel Pump in an Emergency for Mechanical Fuel Pump failure. The Beta BD 902 has a Mechanical Fuel Pump and a Dockmate suggested using the old...
  89. H

    Monel fuel tank??

    I found the original survey done on Sea Quest before we bought her back in 1977, and was surprised to see that the surveyor stated that the fuel tank was made of Monel. I've never heard that Ericsons used Monel for anything. There hasn't been any sign of rust or corrosion (yet) but I'm aware...
  90. larossa

    Diesel Fuel Soaked Mahogany Panel

    My Racor fuel filter had a gasket leak for some time and the diesel fuel has dripped onto the mahogany side panel that covers the diesel engine. I am in the process of refinishing the wood and can’t seem to get out the diesel fuel from the wood. It has a wet stain and is saturated. So I...
  91. F

    How much diesel in fuel tanks over winter?

    As I live about 1,000 miles from where I moor my boat (that will change when I retire), I always need to think ahead for maintenance work and upkeep, as I don't always know when I will get there again. My question: I will not likely sail from October through March, and want to do what's best...
  92. R

    Oil of some sort in the bilge..... Fuel tank leak?

    Hello All, Day before yesterday upon checking the bilge in my '83 E38 I found a very small amount, maybe an ounce or two of light honey colored oil sitting on top of the water in the aftmost bilge well. Seemed heavier than diesel fuel, not black like engine oil would be and not red like the...
  93. J

    Fuel Flow

    Does anyone out there know the approximate fuel flow of the Universal 15 diesel engine on the E28+? I am a one season owner of a 1983 with a fuel gauge that simply refuses to work. While I troubleshoot the gauge, I'd like to take at least a SWAG at the amount of fuel I'm burning when motoring at...
  94. T

    Fuel Pump Problems

    On our 89 E-34 with the Universal M25XP, we've had two fuel pump failures in a year. The original pump lasted for 13 years, 1100 hours on the engine. When it went south, it was replaced with a Walbro 2401-1 general purpose pump. This lasted 150 hours and blew its diaphram. It was replaced last...
  95. T

    Fuel Check Valve ?????

    :0305_alar For several years I have been vexed by a problem with my Yanmar. When forced to motor the thing will start and purr like a kitten. It will run at cruising speed for about 2.5 hrs. then suddenly it drops to an idle. After about 5 to 10 seconds it revs back up to cruising speed and...
  96. C

    Fuel lift pump Vs Primary fuel filter height

    I recently had a problem getting all of the air out of the fuel system :boohoo: for the engine to run reliably after cleaning the fuel tank and replacing the filters. It would run for a while and then stall out after a power drop. When I got a mechanic to look at it, he turned the lift pump on...
  97. C

    Warning: E34/E32-200 Fuel hose routing

    On our '88 E34 I just discovered that both the fuel vent hose and the filler hose are routed loosely way downwards under the cockpit sole after they exit the tank top. I think this is not good. This means that the low loop in both hoses is full of fuel. To fill the tank, the low loop in the...
  98. N

    Fuel Capacity 1986 E32-3

    :confused: The Ericson literature for our 1986 E32-3 says the tank has a fuel capacity of 22 gallons. I would like to know the actual usuable fuel when filled to the top of the fuel sender. It does not seem to be a full 22 gallons to me. It is very irregular shaped so calculating the volume is...
  99. S

    Sailboat Fuel

    It occurred to me, whilst bending wind... ummmm, sailing... in Boca Ciega Bay on Saturday, that sailing will likely become more popular over time. What other form of transportation's primary propellant runs approximately $0.00 per gallon?
  100. rbonilla

    1985 e38-200 fuel burn rate (gph)

    what would you folks guess is the gallons per hour fuel burn rate for a 1985 e38-200 w/a 50 hp gas motor? what about speed, any idea on the crusing speed I could use?...thanx !!....