Captain possibly wanted to move an Ericson 27 from the Deltaville area of VA to the Oriental area of NC


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Can anyone recommend a captain in the VA/NC area who would possibly entertain moving an Ericson 27 in the Deltaville area to the Oriental area of NC (no timeline)? Feel free to message me directly. Thank you.


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That sounds like a fun trip! I not a captain but I keep my boat in Deltaville as well and I wouldn't mind going along for the ride lol!


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77E27.......sure PM me and let me know some details. I have never sailed off shore but it looks to be a 2 day trip from Norfolk give or take.
Hey guys,
I'm curious did this boat get moved? I have moved boats for others and am a few miles north of Oriental. It's New Years eve now, and I am generally available. I think I would travel down the ICW, because its an easy trip. Just need to assured the the boat is up to it.
Michael Edwards
Leave message due to me not answering unknown numbers and I will respond right a way.
BTW I own an Ericson 32 (22 years)