Changing purchase on E30+ mainsheet


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Hi everyone, I'm new here. Bought an Ericson 30+ last year (I'm in Dallas) and was wondering if anyone has increased thier mainsheet purchase from the factory 4-1.
Love the boat, but my wife finds it hard to release the main when it is sheeted in tight. I'm looking for ideas.


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Boat Doc:

I am in the process of upgrading the traveler/mainsheet on my 30+, for similar reasons. I am using Harken all the way. I will probably focus on good equipment rather than "purchase", per se, although I will probably go to 6:1 purchase. I have already bought the traveler and cars (midrange), and will soon be buying the blocks, midrange also, although they are very pricey

The Schaefer equipment on my boat lacks ball bearings at all the critical points, which I am told by the experts, has a greater effect on effort than the mechanical advantage, after a point.


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I have considered just replacing the existing blocks with ball bearing types but didn't really know if it would make much difference on the effort. I could go ahead and do that, then, if it is still not enough I could add a few more.
Good point.