1. Vee Berth

    Vee Berth

    E30 Vee Berth
  2. Engine Compartment

    Engine Compartment

    Mee Mee's engine compartment
  3. Forward Deck Hatch

    Forward Deck Hatch

    Forward deck hatch with exhaust fan.
  4. Galley Stove

    Galley Stove

    Gimbled galley stove.
  5. Galley Reefer

    Galley Reefer

    Looking aft, galley and reefer.
  6. Head - Toilet Mount

    Head - Toilet Mount

    Toilet mount in the head.
  7. Head Sink

    Head Sink

    Sink in the head.
  8. Salon Settee

    Salon Settee

    The settee in the salon.
  9. Pilot Berth

    Pilot Berth

    Looking aft, pilot berth on starboard side.
  10. S

    1967 E30 - Craigslist - Orcas Island

    How's this for finding a classic hiding in an old barn for 25 years... https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/boa/d/eastsound-30-ft-ericson-sailboat/6837423544.html A lot of work there, but one has to wonder why it was stored 25 years ago. If it was well kept for those first 27 years, it might be...
  11. S

    Looking for an Ericson 29 - 35 (BC or Wa preferred)

    Hello all, Just in case someone here is thinking of selling, we are looking for our first keelboat. We had an offer on a '76 E29 which got away from us, but are now re-evaluating our size and budget parameters. Having studied most of the Ericson models from 27 through 35 (I love the 38, but...
  12. Dock Shot 2

    Dock Shot 2

    Another view of the stern from the dock.
  13. On the Hard

    On the Hard

    In the travel lift.
  14. D

    Head portlight for E30+ 1981

    Hi everyone. I want to replace the small portlight in my head (the old corroded sliding one that hasn't slid for decades I'm sure). Measurements of the cabin cutout are 5 1/4" X 13 1/4". I was wondering if anyone has done this and recalls which company they used for the replacement, type of...
  15. Mark F

    E-30 : craigslist sf bay

    Just saw this and thought I'd post it here; http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/boa/2118541596.html
  16. D

    E30+ repairs

    Hi, I've gotten some good advice here earlier on E30+ as a fast boat. The one I'm considering has some water damage to the nav station and around the port. I'm uploading a couple of pictures taken by surveyor on a walkaround inspection. I know you can't be specific based on a picture but has...
  17. Ericsean

    For Sale Yanmar 2GMF20 & E-30 Parts

    I have a used Yanmar 2GM20, Fresh water cooled engine. Bought it to install in my 1970 E-30, but bought an E-38 instead. Now parting out the E-30, so the engine is for sale. along with 4 Yanmar motor mounts and Yanmar Panel. $2,500 for all. I will throw in 3/4" steel plates I had fabricated...
  18. mherrcat

    E30+ spreaders

    I need to add a second block to my upper spreader for my flag halyard. Does anyone know if the spreader is hollow or solid? Judging from the shape of it viewed from the deck (or the dock with binoculars) it appears to be solid.
  19. R

    Prop for E30 Plus

    I am buying a 1980 E30 Plus with the 16 hp Universal. Seller is providing a new prop at haul out but I'll have some input on the selection. It will not be a folding or feathering prop. I'd thing a two blade would be better to limit drag. Any suggestions as to what works well? Thanks, Robert
  20. Keiffer

    E29 / E30+ / E31 Independence

    After several months of looking and investigation I have narrowed my search to the following three boats - all of which I plan to look at in the next couple of weeks and make a decision and purchase the boat. My sailing for then next few years will be on Lake lanier in Georgia, with a possible...