E25+ Cleats too Small


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I've got an Ericson 25+ with bow and stern cleats (no springline cleats) and while they are well made and solid, they are just too small for a decent mooring line.

Not wanting to dirll any new holes I'd like to know if there is a larger, meatier cleat that might bolt in place.. (OK I'm asking a lot, but I figure I can't the the first to notice..)

Pat Tormey
Portsmouth NH

Glyn Judson

My cleats are too small.

Pat, I too owned an E25+, hull #515 so many years ago the world was still black and white, so I can't rely 100% on memory but here goes anyway. I replaced all four cleats on my boat with new ones available to me at Pacific Seacraft so I know this can be done. I think you have cleats mounted at the toe rail and you might consider replacing them with chalks in order to then mount a much larger cleat or a pair of cleats in the center of your foredeck. Make note of the measurement of the hole pattern on your present cleats and look for chalks the same size or close to it as well as any larger cleat or pair of your choice. My only caution is that you back the new cleat(s) well into the deck. Hurricane Irene yanked the port one of a pair of of very substantial bronze cleats right out of the center of the deck on Greg Ross' E31 hull #63. Fortunately it remained attached to the dock line so he doesn't have to replace both for them to match. Little consolation though and an entirely different thread. Go for it, Glyn Judson, E31 hull #55, Marina del Rey, CA


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On mine.

My 25 + has the original cleats you mention, but also has a larger cleat in the center of foredeck. I use the horns of the cleats along toe rail and the indentation as chaulks and run mooring line to center cleat. If you put a large center cleat in, then, you wouldn't have to swap out the stock ones (at least for the forward cleats). A little less work.


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Spring line cleats

You can buy sliding cars with std cleats on them which will go on the toe rail track if you want a real cleat for spring lines