1. E35-3 Traveler Upgrades (Cleats)

    E35-3 E35-3 Traveler Upgrades (Cleats)

    After tackling the Block Improvements (see Blog entry: "E35-3 Traveler Upgrades (Control-Ends & Blocks)", which will add 4:1 purchase, ball-bearing sheaves for friction reduction and added block durability (resistance to "parallelogramming"), and better lead-in for an un-cleated line to aid...
  2. davisr

    oem cleat issues

    Does anyone have cleats that look like these? I pulled these off today. It was impossible to turn the screw heads, so I went down below. In the chain locker, I was easily able to remove the nuts. Went back on deck. Still impossible to get any movement from the screws. Went down below. Tapped the...
  3. Scyph

    Recoring or repairing the deck on the bow of an Ericson 27

    I just recently bought an Ericson 27 at a rock bottom price. She has a huge soft spot on the bow and ripped-out cleats. My neighbors suspect that the core on the bow is rotten and needs replacement. I messed a little with the cleat holes. They are patched over with shoddy patches (duct...
  4. P

    E25+ Cleats too Small

    I've got an Ericson 25+ with bow and stern cleats (no springline cleats) and while they are well made and solid, they are just too small for a decent mooring line. Not wanting to dirll any new holes I'd like to know if there is a larger, meatier cleat that might bolt in place.. (OK I'm asking a...
  5. B

    1981 E38 anchor locker / bow cleats advice w/pictures

    1981 E38 anchor locker / bow cleats advice (PICTURES) So as most projects go I started this with the intent of finishing in a day. I wanted to replace the forward bow cleats and re-bed all forward hardware. The PO has installed a custom aluminum bracket under the weak anchor pan. He wanted it...
  6. treilley

    Bow cleats

    I removed the Anchor locker this weekend to reseal it and rebed some deck HW on the bow. I found that 2 of the nuts(outer) for the bow cleats were encased in FG. I had to gind away with my Dremel and open those up so I could pot the holes and redrill them. That being a high load area I was...
  7. Dferr

    Hole pattern, bow cleats

    Does anyone know where I can find new bow cleats for a 1982 E-38 with the same hole pattern.
  8. R

    Sliding toe-rail cleats?

    Hello All, I have two toe-rail cleats on my E38 that are adjustable, that is they slide on the toe-rail and lock in position anywhere on the rail. I assume these are common on Ericsons? I have not seen them on any other boat and I would like to get a couple more. Anyone know who made them...
  9. Jeff Asbury

    Backing Plates under mooring cleats?

    I just had a professional fiberglass company do some repairs to my cabin sole and bulkhead track on my E-27. The guy who did the work on my boat asked me if I had backing plates under my mooring cleats and I assumed I did. The reason he asked is because he was in the process of repairing the...