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E32-200 stuffing box (tight fit)

Peter K

Member II
I am having trouble removing the old flax and replacing. Wondering if I need to remove the shaft to get it done. The attached picture shows how little room there is between the stuffing box nut and the engine. Anyone have this same issue or a solution?
Thanks - Peter


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Alan Gomes

Contributing Partner
That really is tight. It must have been quite a PITA to pack it in the first place.

Maybe it would be a good idea to remove the shaft and replace that coupler with a split coupler that also does not have as much depth as your current one, which looks quite deep to me. Here's a place you might check for starters, and compare some of the dimensions they show on their site with what you have currently to see if you can recoup some space. Again, if you are going to replace it anyway I think you'd do well to go for a split coupler for any future removals you might need to do.

Dave G.

1984 E30+ Ludington, MI
Oh, that is crazy tight. If your pulling the shaft I would suggest replacing with a PSS shaft seal but not sure you could get it in there even with a shorter coupler.