E32-3: Brightwork, Remove the Handrails?


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I recently took a heat-gun to all my on-deck screwed-down teak. I decided to bail on re-varnishing and decided to refinish just with Star-Brite Teak Sealer:
After the heat-gun/paint-scraper routine, I used a mid-grade Star brite pad to smooth the surfaces a bit:
and then used teak cleaner (recommended as prep before the sealer):

My taffrail was quite worn down compared to the relative high-points at each hardware attachment point - apparently from sanding and varnishing over the many past years by POs. I'd guess that it's now about 2/3 of it's original thickness(?). Yeah, a new piece of teak back there would look really nice but something about porcine facial decoration springs to mind. Plus, removing all the push-pit and stern cleat hardware, and getting it all back on again later, dropped that project so far down the to-do list that not even the next owner will find it.

Martin King

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After some success on the grab rails (post #17 above) I'm taking on the teak stern trim too. Precious finish was Cetol, which is taking a good sanding to remove.

There is some heavier staining around some of the fittings. Would this be a good candidate for Te-Ka (or other cleaner) or should I just keep sanding?

Seems like the long-term fix is to rebed the fittings and make sure water can't get under the Cetol in the future.

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That staining isn't too bad. It should respond to bleaching. You might try a couple of applications of oxalic acid, and yes you should pull the hardware.