Ericson 27 Parts for sale

Matt H

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Is the ladder still available? And do you have the galley with the drawers?
Hi Eric,

Yes, I still have the ladder. Do you want an estimate on shipping.
I don't have the full galley but I do have the 3 drawers that were in the galley. I'll grab some pictures and post them.




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Hi everyone,

I still have a number of parts available from my Ericson 27 part-out. See below for descriptions, prices and pics. Shipping is available on everything and I'll quote based on part and where it's going.

Ericson 27 Interior Ladder: $25
Exterior Handrails: $50/pair
Interior Shelf Loop Boards (starboard & port side, galley shelf) $25/3
Interior wood opening hatch $10
Custom electrical panel: $25
Hi Matt - I sent you an IM via this site.
- looking for 4 hinges for cabinet doors (or 2 doors with 2 hinges each)