Ericson 30+ (1987) for $8,500 (Southern California)

Matt Fish

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While it's true that getting into a vee berth may be a minor challenge generally, some boats are definitely worse than others. For instance, on a Catalina 30 I used to own, the headroom and general accessibility of the vee berth made maneuvering around in it much, much easier than my present experience. But then, a C30 has a cavernous interior for a 30 footer. (It also kind of sails like a Winnebago, but that's another subject.)

I'd be curious to see what access is like on the E28+ that we are discussing. It's basically a stretched out E26 (or the E26 is a shrunken E28?), so perhaps it's not so bad.
Alan, yesterday I was able to test out the size of the V berth in another 1987 E28. (Dave said this is a 28-2 model and not a 28+)

When seated on the aft end of the V berth my head touched the cabin top and forced me to stoop a little bit (I'm 5'10"). (Side note: Can one stoop while seated? Or is it more of a slump?) I swung my feet around and put them forward and had plenty of room head-to-toe.

Today I looked at a 1974 E29 (see the listing above with the loud floral print cushions). It's an apples-to-oranges comparison because these are two different generations. But it was interesting that there was at least a foot overhead when seated on the aft edge of the V berth in this boat. Again, totally different generations so perhaps not a relevant comparison.
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Dave G.

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Matt, I believe that is a 28-2. According to ad it's a '87 with a 10' beam, the 28+ has a 10.5' beam. Ericson started the 28-2 in '85 or '86 replacing the +model. I didn't see the draft in the listing but standard on the 28-2 was 4' (competition 5') & 28+ was 5' (shoal available).


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Hmm. That 35-3 is a lifetime boat. More expensive sure, to buy, maintain and pay slip fees for but you wouldn't run out of room on it and it will take you anywhere in comfort. The 28 will be a tight squeeze for 4 people, the 30+ is tight for 4 in my opinion. After going from a 22 to a 27 to a 30 footer, I can safely say I would have been much smarter to go from a 22 directly to a 35 footer. Oh well! Boat shopping is fun.

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Agree with this, bigd14. I called the broker last week, same day the listing was posted here, and it was already under contract. Looked from the photos to be an excellent boat too, especially for the price.


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Yes the engine looks neglected in the pics. on the bright side it looks like it has a fairly new water heater. Curious if it has been sitting in that slip all these years ? Seems somewhat unbelievable. Maybe the owner launched it to sell? As far as the engine I would get all the fuel pumped out of that tank and change all the filters, oil, trans fluid, etc. How's the bilge look ?
that Universal engine should last and last. My answer was to get a kicker but I’ve never used it.