Ericson 32-1 ("Scorpion") in Eugene,OR

Loren Beach

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Stuff can drop off pretty fast on CL, so if you are interested you should contact the seller soon.

No knowledge or personal interest.
It IS a good looking Ericson, tho....


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Isn't the Scorpion an interesting Ericson! Never seen nor read of one...I'll bet a fast one!


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Very tempting restoration--glad to be far away and therefore protected from myself.
I agree Christian! I showed my wife this listing this morning at breakfast and said that if I had more time (I do cause I’m retired but have multiple projects going on around the house and on the boat), and a place (I live in a townhouse), we’d be driving out to Eugene with our Jeep JK (that has a hitch on it) and towing the boat back to PA. :)


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That one sold; I was second in line and while I did not specifically wish bad luck for the person in front of me, I would not have waited any seconds had they failed to come up with the money.

While I have time/money to take on a restoration, I have not deep enough pockets of either for a rebuild. But just in case someone else does:,29,145379,Ericson-Scorpion----1000--Corvallis-.htm

If anyone else has a line on a Scorpion, I am quite interested.


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I never sailed an Ericson Scorpion, but I raced one-design Columbia 5.5Meters.
Fun, challenging, wet, fun.


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Sounds like an excellent deal. He would not budge on the price when I spoke to him.

Alas, this encouraged me to bid on a Columbia Sabre, which I took ownership of on Saturday. Sails like a witch, although I have only had it out in light airs.

My loss is someone else's gain - I would encourage anyone to pick up that boat. It has gone through 'evolution' (detaching the rudder from the keel and moving it aft, making it more responsive, popular upgrade among the 5.5 classic racers) and the motor system alone is well over the asking. And, as I said, sails beautifully.