Ericson 32-3 Fin Keel vs Shoal Keel question

Rick R.

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from a 1988 Ericson Brochure
Thanks Art now I can sound official when I explain the wing on our boat! It’s interesting that the wing offers “performance at least equal to the delta fin”...
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Mark F

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Anyone have any information on the PHRF ratings of E32 (-3 or -200) with a wing keel and a deep keel?


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My 32-3 with the deep keel has a PHRF base-rating of 162.

With adjustments for propeller, undersized (*) headsails and spinnaker, it comes out to 180.

201 for NFS (non-spinnaker) racing feels a little like cheating.

(*) my largest headsail is 120%, my assymmetric spinnaker is 165%


Geoff W.

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I'm the same as Bruce w/ the 6' fin keel, though my headsail isn't undersized. I rate 198 NFS with a #2 genoa (135%) and standard class main. With my Code 4 chute, I SHOULD be somewhere around 185.

Cheating indeed :)