Ericson 34-2 Portlight Size

Loren Beach

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If they are the same Lewmar model as the ones on our '88 boat, measure the size and cut-out size and check the on line specs.
I would guess that EY was buying these by the gross.....

When we did our refit, we upgraded to the current Lewmar "Atlantic" model opening ports and the new ones needed a slightly larger cut-out, but the difference is not noticeable from inside or outside.
The latch design on the new ones is vastly superior to the old ones, as well. :)
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Marlin Prowell

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We replaced the Lewmar opening portlights in our E34 with new Lewmar #1 portlights. They were a perfect fit. Our old portlights were badly crazed and some of the twist latches had either previously leaked or were starting to leak. The replacements are a new design that does not have any holes through the lens. We measured carefully what we had, comparing with the Lewmar specs for the new style. We then ordered two and replaced two old portlights, confirming they were the right choice, before ordering the rest of the set.


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Are the 7 opening portlights size "0" or "1" or are they different sizes on different boats?
In our 1987 34-2 we replaced the ports bought from Defender on sale.: LEWMAR #393120500 / NEW ST GRY PORTLIGHT / Weight 1.327 kg, / W.O. WM747556 / Ref 21M17. We did not use the plastic covers thinking they looked cheap and the metal frame looked more nautical.. But that is us.


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It is size "1" on 1990 Ericson 32-3. The 34-2 appears to have the same size port but one extra for the aft head and the aft stateroom.


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I drove the 100 miles to San Diego last night to measure the portlights. 1990 34-2 is size 1.

Now I have to decide, replace lenses 7@$38.40 or replace portlights. The Atlantic ones are really cool...

Since I was there, I replaced the bad GFCI outlet and measured the hatches again. And, I got some dry lube on the mainsail slides and had it up. I will need to do all the blocks...and winches...

I did do an evening harbor cruise as a treat.


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We just did all new lenses in all our portlights and it makes a HUGE difference, especially if the old lenses are crazed at all like ours were.