Fiberglass headliner structure


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Do, I decided the bare cabinsides had too much flex and they looked awful. After asking around, I got my hands on a sheet of 10mm boatbuilding foam and 4mm ply.

I went ahead and made templates, laminated the foam to the ply and then laminated the whole mess to the cabinsides.

Huge project, I just want to be done and go sailing.

The plus side, no more flex.780ACD51-2AA9-4568-8C8C-3F520DB5E083.jpegB8A70834-744C-4447-AA25-CE0D7E10DAB6.jpeg603B2752-B6CC-449B-9480-32A7BAFA4603.jpegB41D6EFB-B415-455A-834F-A87F1669251A.jpegA8D7A460-5704-4223-93E5-F82842675ACC.jpegF29B678C-8B7C-4EAF-B8FD-5C95F24069FD.jpeg