Fynspray WS 64 lever arm disassembly


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My Ericson 25 came with a Fynspray WS 64 hand pump for the galley sink in unknown condition. Removal of the pump and disassembly revealed a pump in surprisingly excellent condition with one substantial exception. The gaskets are all pliable and there is no corrosion. But the plastic fitting that seals the lever arm is broken and needs to be replaced. I sourced a used unit in much rougher shape that has the part I need. My issue is I need to separate the brass arm from the chrome lever arm in order to remove the plastic piece I need to replace.

Is this simply an interference fit that can be hammered apart? Anybody know how? I contemplated heating the brass but didn't want to if there was some rubber or composite seal between the brass and Chrome. I can use the entire arm that's in rougher shape but I'd rather not. Attached are pictures of the existing arm and the replacement pump arm for reference.

I'm also surprised I haven't been able to Google search a solution. I thought these pumps were very common. I see how to replace the seals but that's not my issue - mine are great.



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I used a hack saw to saw off part of the broken plastic bushing in order to pry out/unscrew the rest, and a sawzall would let me get the good used bushing off. But it wouldn't work to install it on the new arm.

A sawzall to the chrome shaft might be another option.

I'll try Imtra and Fisheries Supply.


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A few updates - I mistyped the product number - it is a WS 63, not a 64. I struck out at Imtra and never got through to Fisheries Supply, but I had a lovely conversation with Anita with White Star Products in Aukland New Zealand this evening and I think I'm on the right track. She's going to talk with the guy who assembles these pumps and get back to me. I don't think I could find a better source of info. I'll report back, hopefully soon.

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Interesting. The photo of the older one shows the bronze arm definitely pinned and the chrome shaft is different with smaller detents. If the bronze arm is pressed on and then pinned in place with either a set screw or roll pin, then removal would be the reverse. And the shaft should be pressed
out in something like an arbor press, not pounded out with a hammer or you risk damaging it. My 2 cents.