I was hoping for one of ours.....

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These sort of "honors" are often at least somewhat questionable in any endeavor or sport. Mind you, often the recipients are quite deserving, but there is really no real hierarchy in the general realm of "sailing"...
Then there's Sail Magazine. We stopped subscribing several decades ago when it had devolved into a 'coffee table' promotion for the charter industry.
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For example: How many instructional videos did Cunningham (or the other 8) make like this one, that I forward to everyone who wants to sail with me as a mandatory "crew person".....?
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Yeah, what did Briggs Cunningham ever do except sail a little?

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I would have thought that Briggs would have already been in the sailing hall of fame, He was pretty legendary in autorading too.

His 2nd wife, Maxine, was maid of honor for my mother’s wedding. I never heard anyone say anything about him except flattering admirations. Seemed to have been a real prince of a guy.