Loose Footed Main and Sail Covers (35-3)

Loren Beach

O34 - Portland, OR
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I installed a Mack Sails Mack Pack with lazy jacks and a Tides Marine Strong Track on my last boat and never looked back. The first thing we bought for our E34-2 was a Mack Pack. Super simple design and eazy to use. No way would I ever go back to a traditional sailcover.

Very Interesting. Looked at the videos on their site, and they do the front of the "pack' differently than my UK 'Lazy Cradle" version. Their attachment along the foot is different, as well. That SS bracket at the rear is nice - stout, and it would have to be strong since when the sail is down it sort of acts as a topping lift (as does the rear tie-back on ours).
Quite a bit different than our design, albeit not sure if it's better or worse.
BTW, I have helped a couple of friends install Strong Track, and we could only wish (!) it went up as easy as they show it... :)