Marina and Boatyard Reopenings

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Saturday night, Washpost and other sources:

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have agreed to reopen marinas and boatyards for personal use, even as the tri-state alliance maintains the necessity of shelter-at-home orders.

The three states’ governors announced Saturday that the maritime activities would be permitted as long as people adhere to “strict” social distancing and sanitization procedures. Watercraft rentals are still prohibited and restaurants near these sites must open only for takeout and delivery.
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In up-upstate NY the majority of the members at the marina, where I keep my boat, are Canadian. The border is still closed except for essential travel. Our marina usually opens by the 15th. of May. Hopefully border restrictions will ease by then.


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I got an email last week that the marina (Port Annapolis Marina) where I keep my boat in Annapolis, MD is allowing their staff to work on boats (as long as they take the usual precautions) and that owners are also allowed to work on their own boats. Mine is suppose to be launch on or around April 28th. Still can go out for a sail yet. So, I’m going to my boat next week to do some bottom work. Don’t expect to interact with many people, if at all.

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Just heard on the radio (WTOP) today that the Governor is expected to announce Maryland will probably allow recreational boating again soon.


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Vermont: Boats can launch but marinas are closed. And because the yard crew is working we're not allowed in the yard. It's mixed but it's progress. I can paint the bottom next year.

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Oceanside CA reopened last Saturday and the admiral and I played with the dolphins Monday.
As a Ph.D. biologist I have contrarian opinions about the shut-down but probably best not to discuss them here. I'm just relishing the return of personal freedom!

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WA recreational boating kicks off again soon, crews limited to solo endeavors, immediate family, etc.

I inherited running the local beer can race this year and am kicking it off next week, with a stern reminder to follow local, state, federal, and common sense requrements.

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Yesterday was packed on the land side at our marina. It's mostly trailer boats where mine is and everybody was working to get their boats ready for the weekend.