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Hello everyone I am now the proud owner of a 35-2. Hopefully I'll be just as proud a year from now??? The boat is presently moored with the broker in Olympia. We would like to move it to a marina where they have facilities for parking,laundry & showers. My grandchildren live in Lacey and I beleive Olympia is the closest??? Anyone out there who knows of a nice user friendly marina near Lacey???

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An excellent resource for this answer and a lot of other cruising information about the Puget Sound area (and points North...) is a sailing list serv for NW sailors: The Cascadia group.

About half way down the title page is the "how to join" instruction. A LOT of moorage and cruise info is available from the many members. They even have their own burgee, for those wanting one. We fly ours whenever we are under way.

Note that they are changing servers this month and registry may take a day or two. Let me know if you have difficulties or questions about them.


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There are quite a few marinas with in a 1/2 hour or 45 minute drive from Lacey. As you mention the closest would be Olympia, probabley best just to go there and look around. The big one there used to be called East Bay (I think) and now is called Swantown. There are several others including the Olympia Yacht Club which has a very nice setup. Tacoma is up the interstate a half hour or so and has several marinas. Gig Harbor is across the Narrows bridge, but is a very nice place (IMHO) (as i live and work there and keep my boat there!) We have 4 Ericsons in our marina and could always use another!

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