Master Threads (Recurring Topics)

Christian Williams

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Master Thread in a title identifies a full discussion of a popular topic. Posting to a Master Thread keeps topical information together.

Lazyjack Rigging Design
CNG to Propane Conversion
Hull Blisters
Engine running hot (Heat Exchanger)
YS Pedestal Disassembly, with Photos
Windlass Install 1
Windlass Install 2
Zipper Repair
Cockpit Table
Cabin Sole Removal
Cabin Sole Replacement ]
Chainplate Issues:
Universal Diesel Wiring Mods:
Battery troubleshooting:
Head hoses:
Deck Core Repair:
Dripless Shaft Seal:
Mast Climbing Options:
Reefing Systems:
Replacing Fixed Ports (Windows):
Replacing gaskets on Fixed Ports (Windows):
Lifelines DIY--Synthetic or Stainless?
Solenoid for Glow Plugs
Replacement of shaft strut
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What does a "master thread" do?
We noticed, a few weeks ago, that there seem to be quite a few threads on book reviews or lists of books to own.

Christian Williams

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A "master thread" is a complete and popular thread on a frequent topic, often consolidating information over many years.

The "best" thread can be hard to find, maybe a list will help.

To nominate a master thread, just add it here. There can be more than one master thread on a topic.

I don't know how useful this list will be, but every time a member encounters a stuck zipper it would be nice to refer them to "Zipper Repair" (above), instead of starting the same information flow all over again from scratch.

Christian Williams

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If you discover a good or exceptionally complete historical thread on any recurring topic, please add link here and we'll denote it as the master thread.

Sean Engle

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So, looking at the post of Christians list postings... My thought is that perhaps we could have a separate forum, managed by the moderators, that would essentially be a master subject list of posts for each of these areas. Then, each post could have multiple hot links to other relevant posts on that topic. It does not need to be a general forum format- others are available (as we've seen with the Ericson EQ forum...).

If the general membership wants something added, they can go to that individual thread and hit the 'report' button, and then add their comment/request and the moderators can run it down or shoot it down on a case-by-case basis...



Christian Williams

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Maybe put the list under the "Resources" tab. I'm not sure it matters where it's located, since the list itself isn't all that useful on it's own. Most of us have a specific inquiry, not a need to see all popular inquiries.

The Master Thread label works best when people search. If you search for "Zipper", many threads are returned, but the one identified as Master Thread is probably the most useful. It saves wandering in the forest.

Also, I have noticed members directing posters to the Master Thread when common topics come up. Group memory is what makes this joint work. "I just did that job last year, and here's the best thread on the topic"

A good Master Thread contains links to other threads. An example is Hull Blisters, Treatment of , in which on Page 2 Prairie Schooner links to all the good posts he found when doing that job.

So I don't think finding the list matters, as much as quickly finding the best thread on the topic at hand.

That's likely to come from referrals, or the Search box (which, by the way, works much better now).

Anyhow, if you search for "Master Threads", the list pops up first. That's always going to be the easiest way to find it.

Marlin Prowell

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I like the idea of a new forum with each topic as a separate post in this forum. As a lifelong software developer, discoverability is very important to me, and someone new visiting this site could find the Master Threads forum under the top level menu bar. When using any new software, I always scan the menu bar contents to see what is available.

A link posted to Resources will eventually disappear at to page 4 (or deeper) never to be found by a new visitor. Also, searching for “Master Threads” requires specialized knowledge you only gain after being here a few years.

So, here is one vote for the new forum for Master Threads.